Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament Baltimore 6.21.10

Mom, Dad and I went to the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore to see Candy and Wayne’s son Mark Dunaway of Canton Dockside compete in the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament. 32 Baltimore area chefs compete in this single elimination tournament over 16 weeks. 10% of the proceeds go to Moveable Feast. Please visit for more information.

Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament

The Belvedere was built in 1903 and is known as the ‘Crown Jewel’ of Baltimore. It was absolutely beautiful. And everyone from FDR to Henry Fonda to the Kennedys to Barbara Stanwick has stayed there. We had a drink at the famous and historic Owl Bar before going up to the competition.

The Belvedere lobby


the stars

the Kennedy brothers

Barbara Stanwick

the owl bar

We went up to the ballroom on the 12th floor where the competition was located. It was a beautiful old ornate ballroom. The room was divided into 2 sides, friends and family of Mark on one side and the other chef’s fans on the other. We had our meal, then the chefs had an hour to prepare theirs – in front of us while answering our questions. There were 3 professional judges and 20 guest judges from the audience. My mom and dad both were picked to be a guest judge. Mark made scallops for an appetizer, lamb for the main course and fruit sushi for dessert.

view from the belvedere 12th floor

belvedere ballroom

our table

gil, nancy, dad, mom

master chef mark

that's mark on the right

mark's food

mom as a guest judge

dad as a guest judge

the competing chefs

Mark won! He will move on to the next level on his way to become the Mason Dixon Master Chef!

Please watch my video of Mark’s victory

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