I won big at Dover Downs

Last week, I took a break from unpacking and organizing to take a trip with my mom and Ms. Kathy to Dover Downs Casino. For the first time ever, I won big at at the slots – and big for me is $1,760.80! I won it on the new penny slot machine called Bombs Away. I was playing the max, so I had the chance to win the progressive pot. The max was $3.00 per spin, so I told myself I would only play the max for a few spins. The third or fourth spin I hit the bonus and then a bonus within the bonus and won $1,760.80. Sirens went off, people were congratulating me, I was sweating, and I couldn’t find Mom or Ms. Kathy.

We arrived at Dover Downs around noon on Thursday October 6 – I was still celebrating my birthday two days later. We checked into our free rooms, and I was in the casino by 12:30pm. I played my favorite slots: Hot Shot, Sex and the City, Power Strike and Happy Days. In an hour, all of my $170. free slot play that Dover Downs had given me was gone. I used my comp dollars for a free yummy tuna melt and potato salad at The Deli. By 2:00, I was in my room taking a break hoping to change my luck.

Happy Days slot

A couple hours later, I took out some money and went back to the casino to meet Mom and Ms. Kathy for a snack and a glass of wine. They introduced me to a new slot called Hot Tournament, then we went our separate ways. This is when I came upon Bombs Away and won $1,760.80. The only other time I have ever won a significant amount was also on my birthday a few years ago – I won $800. Maybe I should just go to the casino once a year on my birthday. After my big win, we played a little more but then went to the bar for happy hour appetizers and drinks. I played a little more after, but wasn’t winning anymore, so I was in my room by 8:30 watching SVU and eating room service pizza.

I didn’t sleep much that night and was in the casino before 9am on Friday. I was back in my room in 30 minutes because I wasn’t winning on anything and didn’t want to lose my winnings, since I need it to live on until I get a job. I met Mom and Ms. Kathy for an early lunch then went back to my room to hide from the temptation of the slots. Around 2:00, I went back down to the casino and played a little, but was losing, so I stopped and just hung out with Mom. We met Ms. Kathy for an early dinner at Doc Magrogan’s and left Dover Downs just before 6pm. I came home with $1,600. I’m very proud of myself because this was the first time I’ve ever shown any sort of restraint.

I love Dover Downs! It is my favorite casino – after Vegas of course. And luckily now I only live less than 2 hours away. Dover Downs is a great, bright, clean, friendly casino with a variety of my favorite slots – and there is no smoking! There are also many bars and restaurants and lots of free stuff – free rooms, free slot play, free food. Dover Downs has great customer service all around. Hopefully I will be back in December, or maybe I should wait until my next birthday.

About Deena 'On the Road with U2' Dietrich (451 Articles)
My name is Deena Dietrich. After 3 years living in Memphis and 3 months driving across America following the U2 360 Tour in 2011, I am back home in Ellicott City, Maryland with my 2 dogs Elvis and Cilla. Now I am making my way as a Social Media Manager, Blogger and now Author. I have just written my U2 memoir 'On the Road with U2: my musical journey' about the 75 U2 shows I have been to and places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met along the way. http://www.amazon.com/On-Road-U2-musical-journey/dp/0692422994/ My motto is “It is better to regret something you have done, than something you haven’t.” So follow me on my journey as I pursue my passions in music and sports: U2, Broncos, LMP, Grizzlies, NKOTB, Orioles. Please connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ or you can email me at deenadietrich@gmail.com.

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