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february used to suck, now i like it

I used to hate February. Even though it was the shortest month, it felt like it took forever because nothing happened in February. It was just the month between football and baseball. Plus February is usually when we get the most snow. This is the first year I remember actually not dreading February, rather I actually enjoyed it. Now I like February because it is four Sundays of cool events starting with the Super Bowl, followed by the Grammy’s, then the NBA All-Star Game and ending with the Oscars. Back in the day the Super Bowl was in January, the Oscars were in March, and I did not follow the NBA. So the only thing good about February was the Grammy’s, and let’s face it U2 wasn’t on it that often. There are other great things about February that I’m not sure why I didn’t factor into to my original assessment. I enjoy watching the Westminster Kennel Dog show every February. I adopted my dog Elvis in February eight years ago. And Spring Training actually starts in February. So, I am sorry February for not appreciating you earlier.


How do you feel about February, love it or hate it?


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