January 2010

Since I wasn’t inspired to Live in the Moment until the last week in January, I thought I would post some pictures of what I did in January.

I started seeing some of the Oscar nominated movies. I saw Up in the Air January 5th, which I enjoyed very much. For the first time, I could actually relate to the character. He did not want kids and he did not want marriage. During the middle of the movie, I started to get annoyed because it seemed the character started to want those things, but then found out that the person he was falling in love with completely betrayed him. Then he went back to his original plan on being alone. Exactly!

January 7-10 Elvis’ 75th Birthday celebration.  It averaged about 10 degrees and I made a new friend in Marcie.

January 12 I went to the Grizzlies-clippers game. I got season tickets this year. I’m in section 203, row A, seat 9 for $10. I really enjoy it, although I never followed the NBA before.January 13 I finally went to Neil’s for Wednesday night BarStars with Holly Cole, Nick Redmond, Jeremy Stanfield. Marcie and I went. It was ok. The pizza was less than great.January 14 I went to see Tennessee William’s The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond at Malco Ridgeway 4. It was first time at this theatre. The movie was good, but I expected it to be a little more involved and layered, since it was Tennessee Williams.January 15 I went to the Grizzlies-Minnesota game with Danielle. It was fun because I hadn’t seen Danielle since the summer. We met Marcie at Hard Rock after the game. Then Marcie and I went to Superior for Karaoke. Marcie is very good. I just drank my big ass Guiness beer. Then we stopped by BB King’s.January 18 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day

MLK Day Sports Legacy award symposium

I went to Blues City after the game to listen to Gary Hardy cover Johnny Cash, then met Marcie at Hard Rock.January 22 I went to the Grizzlies-Oklahoma game and then met Marcie at Hard Rock for some for some of the Blues Challenge competition.January 23 I went to Nancy Apple’s ‘Shine’ cd release party with Marcie. It was a blast. Nancy played the songs on Shine in order. It was at the indoor trailor park and everyone brought food and drink to share.

Then Marcie and I went to Coletta’s Restaurant where Elvis used to get pizza. It was ok. Still searching for that great pizza in Memphis.

Coletta’s, Elvis’ pizza place

Then Marcie and I went to Young Avenue Deli for the Haiti Benefit. David met us there. Craig Schuster, Snowglobe, Amy Lavere played. I have been wanting to see Amy Lavere for over a year. She was great. David won the guitar in the raffle.

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