half birthday

Today is Easter. Today is my half birthday. Today is the anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

I had planned on having a yummy Easter dinner at Paula Deen’s buffet, but woke up feeling less than enthusiastic about the days events – and the hazy humidity didn’t help my tiredness. So I decided to stay home with the dogs and watch movies. I have a lot of movies recorded on the DVR. Mostly, B movies I’ve never heard of, but like the actors in them.

First up was ‘Vigilante Force’ from 1976 starring Kris Kristofferson, Jan Micheal Vincent and Victoria Principal. It wasn’t very good, and I pretty much watched the last 45 minutes of it while on the phone. I didn’t miss much. I really just wanted to see Kris Kristofferson in a movie. Guess I’ll have to rent ‘A Star is Born.’  Next up was ‘Something Wild’ from 1986 starring Ray Liotta, Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith. This wasn’t much better, but it did keep my attention enough that I watched the entire movie. I just love Ray Liotta – so attractive, great voice! I decided to change my luck and watch a documentary on the assassinati0n of RFK next. This was great. I love biographies and autobiographies and documentaries and conspiracy theories. And thanks to this new channel Documentary, I can watch all of them! That’s really what I think I would like to do is make documentaries. I’ll just have to figure out how. Learn how to edit. I think next I’ll watch ‘Empire Records.’ I’ve seen it before, so I know I’ll like it.

In the words of U2 for Dr. King,

       “Early Evening April 4

        A shot rings out in the Memphis sky.   

        Free at last. They took your life.

       They could not take your Pride.”

1 Comment on half birthday

  1. I love A Star Is Born, but it tears me up inside everytime he dies.


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