canada or no canada?

It wasn’t 8 hours at the computer planning my summer roadtrip for my documentary, but it was close – 6 hours. I was feeling very apprehensive about crossing the border into canada with 2 dogs 3 times within a few weeks. So I decided to see every u2 show in the US, rather than North America. Then I was thinking whether or not I should make the trip to Miami because I only have 2 days to get there after the Chicago show and it’s about a 22 hour drive. And then it would be straight up to Phildelphia a few days later. Plus it’s Miami in July. Ugh! So if I skip Miami, I can’t say I saw every U2 show in the US this leg. But I figure I can still make a pretty interesting documentary of 2 months on the road with my 2 dogs seeing a lot of u2 and baseball and interesting american sites.

Here is my revised roadtrip for this summer. I leave Memphis, stay overnight in Oklahoma City, stay overnight in Amarillo, spend the weekend in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, stay overnight in Flagstaff, spend the afternoon at the Grand Canyon, stay overnight in Page Arizona, spend 2 nights in Salt Lake City seeing the opener of the U2 tour, stay overnight in St George Utah, spend 4 nights in Anaheim going to 2 U2 shows and seeing the sites of Southern California, stay overnight in Beaver Utah, spend 3 nights in Denver going to the u2 show and the Rockies baseball game and Red Rocks, stay overnight in Provo Utah, stay overnight in Reno Nevada and hit the slots, spend 3 nights in Oakland seeing the U2 show and visiting San Francisco, stay overnight in Eugene Oregon, spend 2 nights in Seattle going to the U2 show and the Mariners baseball game, stay overnight in Coeur D’Alene Idaho, stay overnight in Billings Montana, stay overnight in Rapid City South Dakota seeing Mount Rushmore, stay overnight in Sioux Falls Idaho seeing the Falls, spend 3 nights in Minneapolis going to the U2 show and seeing St. Paul, stay overnight in Milwaukee going to a Brewers baseball game and seeing Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley sites, spend 2 nights in East Lansing Michigan going to the U2 show, spend 2 nights in Detroit going to the Tigers baseball game and Ford Museum in Dearborn, stay overnight in Fairmount Indiana seeing all the James Dean sites, spend 3 nights in Chicago (including the 4th of July) going to the U2 show and the White Sox baseball game, spend 2 nights in Cleveland going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, spend 3 nights in Pittsburgh visiting Tasha, stay overnight in Philadelphia going to the U2 show, spend 2 nights at my parents in Ellicott City MD, spend 3 nights in Montreal going to 2 U2 shows, spend 2 nights in New Jersey for the final U2 show of the North American leg of the 360 tour, spend a week at my parents’ house in Ellicott City before going home to Memphis.

And now I’m turning off my computer and not looking at a map for… least a day. I have some fun things planned this weekend, so my blog is bound to get more interesting to read.

2 Comments on canada or no canada?

  1. Not to confuse you further, but if you wanna leave Elvis, Cilla & your car here after Chicago, fly to Miami then fly back here, pick up the car and drive to Philly, you can.


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