i didn’t hurt any animals today

Today was a good day! I became a vegan today, or rather today was the first day in my quest to live as a vegan, so animals won’t be hurt. I had yummy food, and yes I’m getting my protein. I had tofu scramble for breakfast, which consists of tofu, spinach and mushrooms with a side of potatotes and a side of tomatoes. And I sort of had 2 small lunches. The first was a banana, vegan blueberry muffin and vanilla soy milk and the second was organic tortilla chips and dip, which consisted of vegan chili and vegan cream cheese. I still have 300 calories left for today, as I am also trying to lose weight, so I’ll either have salad or cereal for dinner.

It was good food and no animals had to suffer because of it. Yes, I know you’ll argue there is a food chain and we’re supposed to kill animals to survive, but I disagree. If our only alternative was to kill animals to survive, you may have an argument. But there are other alternatives for us to eat to survive so innocent animals don’t have to be killed or harmed or mistreated.

I am excited for this new venture. I have been a vegetarian for about a year and a half and have felt hypocritical eating cheese because I knew the cows were suffering. So now I’m all in – 100% committed.

Please share your thoughts about this post. Thanks for reading!

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