Elvis Week 8.13.10 – Elvis Insiders Shake Rattle n Bowl

My 2nd day of Elvis Week was great! I had a lot of fun at the Elvis Insiders event Shake Rattle and Bowl at the StrikeZone Bowling Alley in Southaven, MS. It was 3 hours of Elvis fellowship with great food, good bowling and great people – Elvis’ friends and Elvis’s fans.


bad girls car

bad girl

Unlike last year, we weren’t lined up around the building outside. Surprisingly the small line was inside the front doors at 9:40 waiting to get inside the bowling alley. Once inside, I got my event laminate and immediately got in line for autographs because last year it was a long wait. But I noticed that after a half hour, only about 5 people were behind me. Not sure if it is the bad economy, the terrbile heat, the smaller list of celebrities or the dislike of bowling, but it was definitely a much smaller crowd at Rock n Bowl this year.

my laminate

‘line’ for autographs

This year the celebrities giving autographs and posing for pictures were Chris Noel from Girl Happy (my favorite Elvis movie), Joe Guercio Elvis’ musical director, Cynthia Pepper from Kissin Cousins, Ginger and Mary Holladay who sang with Elvis at the American Studios session in 1969. Cowboy Jack Clement was supposed to be there, but he had to unexpectedly return home. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to meet him, but at least I got to see him perform last night.

getting autographs

Joe Guercio

Cynthis Pepper

Chris, Joe, Cynthia

my autographs

After my autographs, I ate a little food and drank some unsweetened iced tea – no sweet tea! I met some great people from Maryland, Canada and Ohio. Elvis fans are the greatest! I finally got to meet Caroline, my friend from Nashville who I met on Facebook. Then Marcie and her mom arrived, so we chatted and Marcie and I bowled. I bowled 5 games, 3 by myself while waiting for Marcie and 2 with her. My high score was 139, but I bowled a 93, 113, 138, 139 and 139 so my average was 124.

my high score

It was a great time, even if it was less people than last year. I met some great people, had fun bowling, got some free stuff from trivia, then got into my hot hot car that said it was 109 degrees outside. Ah August in Memphis – it’s always the hottest during Elvis Week.

my rock n bowl stuff

hot memphis

Please watch my video of Elvis Week’s Shake Rattle n Bowl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuV5Dg1LGfg


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