I was feeling better Sunday morning and deciding whether or not to go out to watch the Denver Broncos game because I really didn’t think I could take watching them lose again in public. My fate was decided for me when the power went out at 2:30.

I couldn’t drive anywhere because the community gate runs on electric. Luckily my laptop has a 4 hour battery life and my iphone was almost fully charged, but I plugged it into my laptop to fully charge it anyway. I called MLGW and they said about 3000 people were without power and it should be restored by 4:30. So for 2 hours I wrote and listened to my itunes on my laptop.

4:30 came and went with no power. I called MLGW again and they said by 6:30 power should be restored. So I turned off my laptop to save the battery because I only had about 2 hours left. Luckily I was still tweeting and facebooking from my iphone. I read for about an hour and ordered a pizza. I turned my laptop back on, plugged my iphone back in to charge it and watched $5 Cover from my itunes.

6:30 came and went and still no power. I called MLGW again and they said the power would be back on by 8:30. My laptop ran out of battery, so just before 7:30 I gave up and went to bed. I was going to read my kindle on my iphone. It was spooky though because the entire street was dark and I could hear every sound. As soon as I get settled into bed, the power came back on – and luckily stayed on. I went back out onto the couch to resume my evening.

I was without power for 5 hours. But in a way it worked out because I would have been devastated watching Denver lose by 40 points at home. Ugh!

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