my first week of work

I finished my first week of work this afternoon. It was only 16 hours over 4 days. The second day I had to literally give myself a pep talk to go into work. I haven’t really worked in so long that I am completely out of the habit of having to be somewhere at a certain time in a certain outfit. But once I got there, I was fine and actually enjoyed it. Well I didn’t exactly enjoy hours on the computer by myself, but I have to learn their system. I did enjoy the last hour of work last night because I was out front talking with the guests giving advice on where to have dinner. Today was a training class, which was fun. Next week I’m only working 17 hours over 3 days because it’s slow for Thanksgiving, but I’ll be out front with the guests – not on full concierge duty yet, still learning how the hotel works, but at least I’ll be helping the guests while learning.

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