Thanksgiving 2010

For the third year in a row, I’ve spent Thanksgiving alone at home with my 2 dogs – and it has been fine. No drama, no fighting, no showering – just eating, watching and doing whatever I want. My parents are in Florida, and I don’t want to travel there because I’ll be traveling to Maryland in a few weeks to be with them for Christmas. The first year I was in Memphis, I ordered take out Thanksgiving dinner from the Cupboard – and it was very good, but a little expensive. Last year, I got the vegan turky dinner from whole foods, which wasn’t very good. This year I baked my fake turky roast, which I eat all the time on sandwiches, and got mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese premade sides from whole foods. It was a perfect meal! I watched the Macy’s Parade, the dog show, a little football, Miracle on 34th Street and a couple other Christmas movies . It was a perfect Thanksgiving. I do miss Mom and Dad, but I’ll see them in a few weeks. I was invited to a friend’s house, but it’s more alone at someone else’s house than at your own. I did the important thing on Thanksgiving – shared what I am thankful for: my parents, my friends, my dogs, my health, my house and car, and the opportunity to do whatever I want. Happy Thanksgiving!

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