Maryland Move Countdown: 8-10 days

Just over a week to go until I move back home to Maryland. I scheduled the movers today, and they will be here next week – either Wednesday, Thursday or Friday – and I will be in Ellicott City two days later. I scheduled Salvation Army to come pick up a bunch of stuff I’m donating, and they will be here next Tuesday. I have a backup plan in case I don’t sell the piano, and they will be here next week to pick it up. And I have 2 people interested in buying the jukebox, and they will look at it the next couple of days. I have cancelled my MLGW, DirecTv and alarm as well as changed my address to have my mailed forwarded. I made one last trip to the grocery story – hopefully. I went to Saturn to get the oil changed for my final journey home, but hit a snag when they couldn’t get the hood opened – 3 hours sitting in the dealer reception area.

What I haven’t done is pack. I’ve gone through everything and picked out what I want to get rid of, but I actually haven’t packed anything into boxes. But for the next 4 days I will be doing nothing but packing. Then Sunday I drive to Nashville for the Broncos game and to pick up mom, who is flying in to help me pack. Then we will continue packing Monday and Tuesday. If the movers come Wednesday, then we’ll leave. If they don’t come until Thursday or Friday, then we’ll hit the slots in Tunica – and maybe a final trip to Graceland.

Things I will miss about Memphis: Graceland, Sun Studio, everything being so close, the warm weather. Things I will not miss about Memphis: the slow drivers, the crime, the tornadoes, being away from my family and friends. Things I am not looking forward to in Maryland: the cold weather and driving miles and miles to get everywhere. Things I am SO looking forward to in Maryland: being near my family and friends, Ledos pizza, low rent, going to Orioles games, being near lots of U2 friends.

I probably won’t write again until after the Broncos game Sunday night. And I won’t continue my U2 360 recap on my On the Road with U2 blog until after I’m back in Maryland. But once I’m settled in the next couple of weeks, I plan on writing everyday. So please stay tuned!

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