Alf, About Last Night, A-Ha – the 1980s from A to Z

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Like, OH MY GOD! It’s totally awesome you found me as I start blogging the A to Z Challenge through the 1980s.  Join me on my journey back to the like totally righteous decade! If I could, I’d like to live in the 80s – I am sure! But since I cannot, I will like write about my favorite tv shows, movies and music from the 1980s. Today is the letter A in the A to Z Challenge. My favorite A tv show from the 80s is Alf, my favorite A movie from the 80s is About Last Night and my favorite A music from the 1980s is A-Ha. Let’s motor!

I am not sure why I loved Alf so much. I have the first season on dvd and it doesn’t really hold up today. But back in 1986 when I was 14 and starting high school, it was really funny. My parents thought so too, so it wasn’t just funny for kids. We watched it as a family. We even named our dog after Alf. And to this day, we still quote the old Alfer.


About Last Night 
I still love this movie set in Chicago about a typical relationship between a girl and a guy starring Demi Moore (pre boob job) and Rob Lowe (pre sex scandal) a year after they made St. Elmo’s Fire in 1985. This movie resonated so much with me as a young woman because it was so typical of relationships I had where the guy gets scared after committing himself to a girl, even though he was the one who pushed for the relationship. I still watch this movie about once a year, but thankfully I’m no longer the Demi character. Karen from Will and Grace also has a small role in it, but looks and sounds completely different. About Last Night was so great they made a remake of it in 2014.


They didn’t have two many hits, only two that I really know j”The Sun Always Shines on TV” and “Take On Me,” but everyone from the 80s remembers A-Ha. Their video for “Take On Me” totally revolutionized music videos. Remember when there actually were music videos?


Thank you for joining me on my trip back to the totally tubular 1980s as I complete my Blogging from A to Z Challenge. What was your favorite tv show, movie and music from the 80s starting with the letter A? Please come back tomorrow to read about my faves from the 80s that start with the letter B. And be sure to check out the 1970s from A to Z here.


21 Comments on Alf, About Last Night, A-Ha – the 1980s from A to Z

  1. I’ve never watched Alf or About Last Night but I absolutely love Take on Me. 😀 Great 1st sentence you hooked me in. 😀 Can’t wait to check out your B post tomorrow.


  2. I like cats. I have a great recipe for them! LOL Three great picks from the totally awesome 80’s! I remember when About Last Night came out and it was so risque. And A-Ha transports me back in time. I very much remember the video when it came out. I love the 80’s I can’t wait to see B.

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle


  3. What a cool theme for this challenge. I love the 80’s. I just might have to follow along in your journey. I never got in to Alf. Probably because I was recently married and a brand new mom walking through those days were blurry. lol. I remember watching “About Last Night” crying and just being emotional, I didn’t miss any of Rob Lowe movies 😉
    awwww I miss MTV!


  4. This is a fantastic post!
    I didn’t really watch Alf when I was a kid, but I do remember it. While A-ha… well, they were my favourite group for a few years 🙂

    The Old Shelter – Jazz Age Jazz


  5. Great post Deena!!! I liked Alf as well. I liked A-Ha’s ” Take On Me”. The video was the great. I can’t wait to see your “B” list tomorrow. You brought back memories today. Much success on your journey my friend. 😊


  6. Let’s see, 1986? I was a year ahead of you in high school, so I remember all of this quite well. One of my buddies used to quote Alf all the time! 🙂


  7. Okay you mentioned my all time favourite band of the 80s. My sister and I were so into A-Ha. We had our walls covered in posters of the boys and we even sent off for magazines, t-shirts and badges (this was all new to us ;)). I think we almost wore out our tape of Hunting High and Low.
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  8. What a delightful theme for this challenge! I was seriously into A-Ha; Hunting High and Low was a really good album.

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    Saucy Dryad


  9. greyzoned/angelsbark // April 14, 2016 at 7:42 am // Reply

    I forgot all about A-Ha!!! Thanks for the blast from the past! I love MTV back then…
    I loved Alf too. so cute he was!
    And I need to see About Last Night again… Great movie.

    Awesome choices for A!

    Michele at Angels Bark


  10. I liked ALF, I should probably pick up on DVD when I get the chance.
    Aha! You found probably one of my ultimate favourite 80’s videos. I love it!!!
    I was in love with Bunty Bailey, the girl in the video. She went on to become one of the inspirations behind the character of Vicki. The female lead in my unpublished YA series I wrote in 1987. Which I’m currently in the process of rewriting.
    Thanks for the memories.


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