all ready for Elvis Week 2017

This Friday August 11, I will be back in Memphis for Elvis Week – the 40th Anniversary. Seven fun-filled days packed with Elvis activities with people who love Elvis as much as I do. I have been to Memphis and Graceland, but I haven’t been to Elvis Week since 2011 when I still lived in Memphis. I went to Elvis Week in 2002 (25th Anniversary), 2007 (30th Anniversary), 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. So this will be my 7th Elvis Week, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I am again staying at the Guest House at Graceland, where I stayed in October for its grand opening and in March for the grand opening of Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland. I love that hotel, more like a resort really with its two restaurants (plus a grab and go place and lobby bar), a movie theater, a ballroom, a gorgeous comfortable lobby to relax in, a great back porch with comfy chairs overlooking the courtyard as well as a pool, hot tub and fire pit. The Guest House also provides a free shuttle to and from the airport as well as to and from Elvis Presley’s Memphis at Graceland – and a shuttle to Beale Street each night for a small fee.

I will start and finish my Elvis Week touring Graceland. In between, I will attend many events such as the Fan Reunion, the Fan Club Presidents’ Event, Elvis Con, Elvis Fan & Collector Show, the Gospel Music of Elvis (featuring music by the Blackwood Brothers and the Stamps Quartet who performed with Elvis), Elvis 101 (with Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick), Official Graceland Insiders Conference (with many folks from the Elvis world), Songwriters Showcase (with some of those who wrote songs for Elvis), Conversations Elvis in the Movies (with some of Elvis’ costars) and a few Elvis Meet Ups and parties. The events I am most looking forward to during Elvis Week is George Klein’s Memphis Mafia Reunion (with Jerry Schilling and others) at Alfred’s on Beale Street, Elvis: Live in Concert at the FedEx Forum (Elvis on the big screen singing while the symphony orchestra is playing live on stage), Conversations with Jerry Schilling and Priscilla Presley, the Elvis Pawn Shop Book Sale (with rare out of print autographed books), George Klein’s Memorial Service at the University of Memphis and of course the Candlelight Vigil (which is what this entire week was built around). There are many Elvis Week events to chose from. Below is my complete schedule.


Hope to see you in Memphis August 11 through the 18th for Elvis Week, the 40th Anniversary! If not, please follow me @DeenasDays on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as I will be sharing my Elvis Week adventure with photos and videos. On a side note for those of you who only know me as a HUGE U2 fan, I love Elvis more than U2. So you can imagine how much I am really looking forward to Elvis Week 2017!

About Deena 'DeenasDays' Dietrich (551 Articles)
My name is Deena Dietrich. I live in Ellicott City, Maryland with my 2 dogs Elvis and Cilla. I am making my way as a Social Media Manager, Blogger and now Author. I have written my U2 memoir 'On the Road with U2: my musical journey' (available on amazon) about the 75 (now 100) U2 shows I have been to since ZooTv and the places I’ve seen and the people I’ve met along the way. My motto is “It is better to regret something you have done, than something you haven’t.” So follow me on my journey as I pursue my passions in music and sports with Elvis, U2, Grizzlies, Broncos, LMP, NKOTB, Orioles. Please connect with me @DeenasDays on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ or you can email me at

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