My 1st Elvis Concert Mohegan Sun 2001

My first Elvis concert was at Mohegan Casino in Connecticut Saturday August 11, 2001. It was Elvis: The Concert, the one where he is on the huge video screen and the TCB band is playing live on stage. I went with my U2 friends Ayaz and Michelle. I remember running down to the stage at the end of the concert and shaking hands with James Burton. I wrote the following in my journal about my first Elvis concert:

“Well I finally saw an Elvis concert! I screamed, I cried, I swooned. It was amazing. I got lost in the songs and forgot he hasn’t been dead for the past 24 years. And when I remembered he had, then I cried. What a talent! Still the sexiest man ever! Had a fun afternoon in Mystic. Ate at Mystic Pizza with Michelle. Saw some cool art work. Had a yummy dinner at the casino with Michelle and Ayaz. All and all a cool way to spend 24 hours!”

So glad I was just as emotional about Elvis back as I am now. I am really surprised I did not write about shaking hands with James Burton at the end of the concert, but I have that vivid memory. This is the second time in two years I went to a casino, and I wasn’t even into casinos back then. This was way before I got into the fun of slot machines and casinos. I do remember eating at Mystic Pizza, which is nothing like it was in the movie. But I did buy a shirt like they have in the movie right off the pizza makers back, literally.

**I will post photos from this concert as soon as I dig through my boxes**

***Even though this post is dated Aug 2001, it was actually written Feb 2021***

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