Lisa Marie Presley – me and lisa marie through the years

So the obsession begins again! With the release of Lisa Marie Presley’s new album Storm and Grace and her upcoming tour, I am completely obsessed with Lisa Marie Presley again. I never stopped loving her, but I become completely obsessed with her when she tours. I looked back through my Lisa Marie scrapbook that I started in 2002 the first time I saw Lisa. She introduced her song Nobody Noticed It at Elvis’ 25th Anniversary concert at the Pyramid in Memphis. She didn’t sing it live, but played the recorded version with the words on the screen. That was it, I was hooked.

The next time I saw Lisa Marie Presley was in Baltimore on July 24, 2003. This was the first time I saw her in concert, and the first time I met her. Lisa opened for Chris Isaak at Pier 6. It wasn’t crowded, so I moved down to the front row – standing and singing the entire time! At the end of Lisa’s set, I asked for a set list and one of the guys gave it to me. Then I left missing Chris Isaak because I wanted to meet Lisa. I went to the parking lot and after about five minutes, Lisa came out to greet everyone. She got to me, and I handed her my set list. Lisa smiled and said, “Oh you got a set list!” I told her it was a great show, and she said thanks. Then she said, “You were the one in front singing, right?” Lisa Marie Presley noticed me!

A week later I saw Lisa Marie Presley in concert again. This time in Memphis at the Botanic Garden on August 1, 2003. Lisa again opened for Chris Isaak. I wasn’t as close as I was in Baltimore. I wasn’t standing at the stage, but I was seated at one of the front tables, but off to the side. I was about two tables away from Priscilla! It was amazing to watch Priscilla watch her daughter on stage – and in Memphis! Lisa sounded so much better than she did in Baltimore because the sound was so much better – the band did not drown out her voice this time. Lisa was so excited, and her performance was just amazing!

The next day I saw Lisa Marie Presley perform in Nashville at the historic Ryman Auditorium on August 2, 2003. I ended up staying at the same hotel as Lisa and her band. I waited near her tour bus from 4-7 before the show, but never got to speak with Lisa. I saw her walk by a few times and saw Priscilla. My seat was in the 6th row, right behind Priscilla – she beamed with pride watching her daughter perform. Everyone was forced to sit in the Ryman, but we periodically stood up and cheered and Lisa acknowledged us and Priscilla turned around and smiled at us. When I got back to my hotel room after the show, I realized that Lisa’s band was staying on my floor. We talked with them in the hallway, but we never saw Lisa.

I didn’t see Lisa Marie Presley again for another two years. She performed at the Beale Street Music Festival on May 1, 2005. I arrived at the festival just before the gates opened, but there was a long line waiting to get in. I had to run all the way to the other side of the park to the stage where Lisa was playing. I didn’t get a spot on the front rail, but three people back dead center. Luckily those three people were short, so I had a great view. And Lisa put on a great show – so much better than her first tour. She was so relaxed. Lisa played my favorites Indifferent, SOB, Lights Out, I’ll Figure It Out, and Idiot.

The next day I saw Lisa Marie Presley in Nashville at the Cannery on May 2, 2005. After waiting four hours in line, I was rewarded with a spot up front on the rail. I thought this Nashville show was even better than the show in Memphis. For the first time ever, Lisa played High Enough, which I love! She also played Now What, Road Between, and Here Today, all of which she didn’t play the previous day in Memphis. I got a set list for this Nashville show!

A few days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley at The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA on May 9, 2005. It was a seated show, and I was at a table right up front. The set list was the same as the Nashville show, except Turned to Black was played instead of High Enough. It was a great show, and Lisa talked a lot. She was really funny. Unfortunately, the meet and greet was cancelled after the show.

A few days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley at the history Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on May 15, 2005. It was Lisa’s last official show of this leg of her tour. After waiting in line for several hours, I got a spot on the front rail all the way at the end. Lisa was sick, so she didn’t do the acoustic set of Now What and Road Between. She also didn’t play Turbulence or Indifference, but she did play High Enough and Turned to Black. It was still a great show. Priscilla was in the crowd, so Lisa sang Raven. It was amazing! Lisa kept looking at her and she and Priscilla were tearing up – as was I. During Thanks, Lisa invited some fans up on stage to sing with her. At the end of the show, Lisa Marie Presley shook my hand, looked into my eyes, and said, “Thank you!”

Two days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley perform Idiot on Good Morning America on May 17, 2005. I got up at 4am and got a cab from my hotel in New Jersey and waited on the streets in New York City until they let us in the studio at 7am. Lisa didn’t come on until 8:45am. It was only one song, but I was SO close and apparently I was on tv because my mom called to tell me she saw me singing along. After her appearance, Lisa stopped to sign autographs with her fans.

Still in New York City, two days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley at City Hall Park for a free concert. I was right up front and center on the rail. The set list was changed a bit. Lisa played I’ll Figure It Out, Sinking In, Turbulence, Lights Out, Dirty Laundry, Idiot, Here Today Gone Tomorrow – and the Ramones drummer played along on their cover.

I didn’t see Lisa Marie Presley again for over a year, but it was well worth the wait. It was my 34th birthday – October 4, 2006. Lisa performed at the Birchmere again in Alexandria, Virgina and I had been selected for a Meet and Greet after the show. For the show, I had a seat up front, but way to the left of the stage. Lisa announced my birthday during the show. She had never sounded better. She played SOB, Lights Out, Sinking In, Indifferent, Excuse Me, High Enough, Yellow to Blue, Idiot, I’ll Figure It Out, Turbulence, Thanks, Dirty Laundry, Here Today Gone Tomorrow, and a duet with Ryan Cabrera. After the show, I met Lisa Marie Presley and got my picture taken with her. She signed my cd cover and wished me a Happy Birthday. I told her she gets better every tour, and we discussed how it sucks to have seated venues and how excited we were for the Stone Pony show.

Two days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley in concert again at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on October 6, 2006. After four long, cold, windy hours waiting in line, the doors opened and I got a great spot front and center on the rail. The crowd was great, but the sound wasn’t that good. It was the same set list as the Birchmere show, except she closed with a cover of Joan Jett’s I Hate Myself for Loving You.

Two days later I saw Lisa Marie Presley in my hometown of Baltimore at Rams Head Live on October 8, 2006. I was again front and center on the rail. Rosanne Barr opened and was hysterical. Lisa sounded amazing! The crowd wasn’t great because they weren’t really Lisa Marie Presley fans, but by the end of the show, they got into it. The set list was the same as the previous two shows except for the encore Lisa played Turned to Black and did a duet with Rosanne – Baby I Love You. There was a lot of interaction between Lisa and the audience. After the show, Lisa stopped to sign autographs and meet with her fans. This Baltimore show was my favorite of the tour.

The next day I saw Lisa Marie Presley in New York City at BB Kings on October 10, 2006. I was once again up front on the rail, but a little to the left of center. This New York crowd was amazing – everyone knew the words! The set list was the same, except instead of Yellow to Blue it was Turned to Black and she closed the show with a Joan Jett cover.

A year later I saw Lisa Marie Presley as she performed In the Ghetto in Memphis at Elvis 30th Anniversary concert on August 16, 2007. It was amazing! The crowd went wild, and Lisa sounded great!

It has been almost six years since I have seen Lisa Marie Presley in a full concert. She is touring this summer to promote her new album Storm and Grace. I am going to see her at the Soundstage in Baltimore on June 15th. I am excited to see Lisa in Baltimore because it’s my hometown, and I have seen her perform every time in Baltimore.  Lisa’s Baltimore show is a seated show for $75 – well I paid $75 because I wanted a table right next to the stage. I am very excited to see Lisa Marie Presley in concert again! What a great way to start off my summer concert season!

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