Elvis: from Memphis to Manhattan

I went to the opening reception for the Elvis: Memphis to Manhattan exhibit at Stax Museum. Stax was the birthplace of Soul. Everyone recorded here: Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Isaac Hayes, and yes even Elvis Presley.

Stax Museum

Stax Records


Elvis: from Memphis to Manhattan is a photography exhibit from Elvis’ appearances on CBS in 1956, mainly the Ed Sullivan Show. Many never before seen gorgeous black and white photographs of Elvis at the beginning of his career. It was a great 2 room exhibit.

Elvis: from memphis to manhattanElvis in Stax

A cool moment for me was when I was admiring the Elvis photographs then heard Bono talking. He was on the video talking about Memphis and Stax and Sun Studio. Worlds colliding. Love it!

Bono talking in Elvis exhibit

You could tour Stax if you wanted as well as see the Elvis photographs. They also had a nice spread complete with sweet tea, sandwiches, veggies, salsa and chips, cole slaw and cheeses. I just drank the sweet tea. As I was leaving Stax the thunderstorm rolled in, and I got caught under an awning halfway to my car. It was a nice exhibit, but I expected more people to be there. Maybe I shoudn’t have gone exactly at 5pm 🙂

Please watch my video of me getting caught in the rain at Stax  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZNojjx4tjM

1 Comment on Elvis: from Memphis to Manhattan

  1. Marr Blankenship // July 16, 2010 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    Maybe you should have hung around a little longer at the reception to see WHO showed up! You KNOW musicians are all nocturnal people. Marcie and I are planning to visit while I’m there for Elvis Week.


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