Elvis’ 75th Birthday 2010

Thursday January 7th I went to the Elvis Insiders Reception and Night Tour of Graceland. (no details in my journal, just that I went.)

Friday January 8th was Elvis’ 75th Birthday. It was the coldest it had been in Memphis in 13 years, and I had just moved there a year and a half earlier. It was 10 degrees but with the wind chill felt even colder, and it was snowing. Yet I was at the complex at Graceland by 8:30am to wait for the Birthday Proclamation and cutting of the cake. Priscilla and Lisa Marie each spoke briefly and Riley and Ben cut the cake.

I videorecorded (I must find this video – it might be on my external hard drive as I had a flipcam then), took photos and screamed for Lisa! Then I stood in line for birthday cake at the Chrome Grille.

After, I went over to George Klein’s book signing. It was actually my first time meeting George. He asked me where I was from and thanked me for buying his book. (I don’t know why I didn’t think to get a photo with him, but you can see me way in the background on the right hand side of the third photo after the one of my signed book – when George is talking to Marcie.)

That night I went to Elvis Night at the Grizzlies game with my newly purchased season tickets – they won.

Saturday January 9th was Conversations on Elvis at the Convention Center. Speakers included Guy Thomas Harris (Elvis’ best friend in Tupelo), Sam King (Elvis’ friend in Tupelo) and Barbara Hearn (Elvis’ Memphis girlfriend). It was general admission back then, no assigned seats. Apparently I was not feeling great that night, so I skipped the Birthday Bash on Beale Street.

Sunday January 10th Southern Gospel Celebration inside the ticket office in the old complex. (no details in my journal, just that I went)

Apparently Dr. Nick had a book signing Wednesday January 20th because I wrote in my journal I was going to go but I was sick so I did not go. I am kicking myself now!

**I am writing this 11 years after the fact from my journal as I didn’t start my blog yet and apparently wasn’t into including too many details in my journal. Luckily I took a lot of photos.**

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