Who Shot Rock n Roll, a photographic history 1955-present

Even though the heat index was 110 today, I went to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art to check out the Who Shot Rock n Roll exhibit. It is photographic history of rock n roll from 1995 to present. It is a traveling exhibit that will be on display through the summer. The Brooks is located in Overton Park just 5 minutes from my house.

Goin to the Brooks

Overton Park

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

Once inside the museum I had to take a picture of the cool television sculpture.

TV sculpture

Then it was downstairs to see the rock n roll photos.

rock n roll this way

Of course the rock n roll exhibit started off with Elvis, since Elvis started rock n roll. It was Alfred Wertheimer’s Elvis at 21 photographs from New York 1956. Then there were some great shots of the Buddy Holly, the Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, the Beatles etc etc. There was an amazing shot of Kurt Cobain just off stage sitting down crying. Very mesmerizing. Then I saw my boys! There was a huge picture of 1987’s Joshua Tree album cover by Anton Corbijn. And right next to it a huge tv showing Anton’s One video and Electrical Storm video. I stood there glued to the tv watch Larry in drag in One and watching Larry dripping in Electrical Storm. Thank you Anton!

I couldn’t leave the museum before visiting the gift shop. And I found the coolest ring.

my Brooks stuff

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