ON THE ROAD Lubbock to San Antonio

Today started out great, even though I was supposed to be in Salt Lake City for the U2 tour opener. Last night I realized there were more Buddy Holly sites to see in Lubbock, so we left the hotel around 8 am after a quiet, restful night.

Buddy Holly’s studio at 1926 19th Street.

Buddy Holly’s high school, next door to his studio.

Fair Park Coliseum was where Buddy Holly was discovered and played several times. He also opened for Elvis Presley here.

I searched over a half hour for the City of Lubbock cemetary. My car GPS was wrong, so I had to use the gps on my phone. I eventually found it and the final resting place of Buddy Holly.

Buddy Holly’s real named was spelled Holley. When it was mispelled on his first record, he decided to keep it as Holly.

Just after 9am we headed east then south to San Antonio. We traveled through many small towns and saw lots of drilling.

We arrived in San Antonio around 3pm. I was surprised at all the traffic and how big a city it is. I booked a hotel that was supposed to be a few blocks from the famous Riverwalk. Well it’s about a mile, and it’s not in a very nice part of downtown. I’m hoping there is a nice part of downtown because so far I’m not a fan of San Antonio – and I’ve always wanted to visit here 😦

Supposed to stay here 2 nights, but after lots of people hanging around the hotel causing my dogs to bark, people putting menus through my door causing my dogs to bark and no phone in the room, we’re just staying tonight.

Going to get up early tomorrow (because I doubt we’ll sleep anyway) and see the sites of San Antonio then head north to Austin then Plano. We are going to stay at the Southfork Hotel tomorrow night, so I can tour Southfork Ranch Saturday morning.

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