My favorite places at Graceland 10.14.10

I visited the Happiest Place on Earth yesterday, no not Disneyland, GRACELAND!!! I didn’t stay as long as I usually do, but I just wanted to take advantage of my annual pass and the nice Fall weather. I didn’t tour the automobile museum or the airplanes, just the mansion this visit. I spent extra time at each of my favorite spots at Graceland. I did not wear the audio tour headset, but instead chose to wear listen to my Elvis 70s mix on my ipod.

The Happiest Place on Earth

My favorite spot inside Graceland is the living room, and I spent a lot of time there yesterday. Because it was the end of the day, there were no tours directly behind me so I had as much time as I wanted just to soak it all in. There is something about standing in that foyer looking into the living room where Elvis entertained and then looking just past into the music where Elvis was laid out for visitation when he passed. I also spent time at the bottom of the staircase imagining Elvis walking down the stairs to greet everone. I really love the foyer/living room/staircase area of Graceland. I would be happy with just touring that part of the mansion, almost.

Graceland living room, my favorite place

elvis’ stairs

I made my way through Graceland to Vernon’s office. This seems like an odd spot for a favorite, but it is one of mine. It shows Elvis’ press conference when he got out of the army,which took place in Vernon’s office. The same chair he sat in is still there. I loved the way Elvis looked when he returned from the army, it’s my favorite look for him. Also, he says my favorite quote, “Someone asked me what I missed about Memphis, and I said everything.”

Vernon’s office, press conference on right, chair on left

I made my way through the backyard, the trophy room and into the racquetball court – another favorite spot for two reasons. First is Elvis’ piano. This is the piano on which he last played the night before he died – Unchained Melody. Second is a spot in the back corner of the racquetball court. It is a little tv showing footage from Elvis in Concert, which aired on CBS. It was from a June 1977 performance. I have been searching for this concert, but cannot find it anywhere. Maybe one day EPE will release it.

Elvis’ piano

Elvis in Concert June 1977

Then I made my way to the Meditation Garden, my favorite place outside Gracleand. I love the serenity of the fountain. I just like to sit a little out of the way and relax and take it all in. Of course it’s sad to be at Elvis’ grave, especially when I read what Vernon wrote. But after I step away and look at the fountain and meditate I guess.

Meditation Garden fountain

After touring Graceland, I just sat in the plaza and watched all the Elvis fans walk around and enjoyed the wonderful Fall weather. Andy Childs was setting up for some sort of show in front of Sincerely Elvis, but I didn’t stick around for it – probably wasn’t invited anyway. I love living only 10 minutes away from where Elvis lived. I can go to Graceland as much as I want, and with the annual pass it’s very economical to do so. I’ll be back in November for the Christmas lighting.

I have a short video that I took, but it’s not too exciting because it’s only footage from across the street because I can’t take video inside Graceland.

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