Goodbye 48, Hello 49

My 48th year was full of great highs and a terrible low. After literally staying in the house since March 2020, I finally ventured out and drove to Memphis in May 2021 and had the most epic 10 days spending time with friends, visiting Graceland and buying books. You can read about it all here. Then about six weeks later, I drove to Memphis again for about a week to celebrate the 4th of July and had a blast. You can read all about it here. A month later, I went to the NKOTB show at Merriweather Post Pavilion about 10 minutes from my house – and their first show since 2019. To see my photos and videos from that show, please click here. A few days later I drove back to Memphis for Elvis Week for almost two weeks and had some really one of kind experiences. Unfortunately I have been lazy and haven’t written about Elvis Week yet, but you can see some of my photos and videos if you click on the following pages: Graceland Backyard Cocktail Party and Founders Reception and Hidden Graceland Tour. I became a Founder, which means I get a lot of special perks at the Guest House at Graceland including first to buy tickets to events, discounted rooms and many other great benefits. I only read about 90 books this year, which is strange since I didn’t leave the house for the first four and a half months but I guess my three trips cut into my reading time. The worst part of my 48th year, was when my sweet, precious Cilla past away at the age of 14 just over a week ago. This is the first time I have been without a dog in over 16 years (as my Elvis passed away almost 2 years ago).

I turn 49 on October 4th, and this last year of my 40s is going to be epic! I am getting a new car, have at least 10 trips planned, going to at least one NKOTB show (as the tour is being announced on my birthday) and getting a new tooth – an implant to replace my 36 year old cap/crown that broke off in Tupelo this past August. I am going to celebrate my Birthday at the casino with my mom during the day then a nice dinner out with my parents and my aunt that night. I am getting a new 2022 Subaru Outback sometime in October. Also in October, I am going to Ocean City (for the first time in about seven years) for the Elvis Festival and to spend some good reading time on the balcony listening to the crashing waves. In the beginning of November, I’m heading the other way to the mountains to spend some time at Rocky Gap Resort and Casino. In mid November, I am going to Memphis for a week for the Christmas Lighting. Then I’m heading to Florida to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my parents in Ft. Myers. Then I am heading back to Memphis for New Year’s Eve, Elvis Birthday Celebration, General Hospital Fan Celebration and MLK Day. In March, I’m driving back to Memphis for a few days before going to the Nashville Elvis Festival. At the end of May, I will be going back to Memphis on my way to the Lone Star Elvis Festival in Texas. In June, I am going to the Tupelo Elvis Festival (of course stopping in Memphis for a bit along the way) and most likely the Summer Elvis Festival in Florida. Yes my 49th year is Elvis Festival year for me. I have never been to any of these ETA Elvis Festivals before. Looking forward to seeing what it’s all about, plus sightseeing along the way. In August I’ll be in Memphis for at least two weeks for the 45th Anniversary Elvis Week. And I hope to read a lot more this year as I my book collection has greatly increased this past year (both Elvis and non Elvis books).

4 Comments on Goodbye 48, Hello 49

  1. Love it Deena! Can’t wait to read and feel part of your journey in the next year! Thank you for always make us feel like we are there with you! Safe travels, looking forward to see you in January!

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  2. Wow what a Amazing life you live! I’m so envious and wish I could do half of the things you’ve done. I love Elvis since my parents were huge fans. I went to Graceland once which was really cool. I love seeing your adventures and wish I was your sister so I could go with you!😂❤xo

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