Opening Weekend of the Guest House at Graceland

This extended weekend trip to Memphis was truly one of the best I have ever had. The reason for this trip to Memphis was for the opening of the new Guest House at Graceland, a beautiful new resort next to Graceland. It was more like a mini Elvis Week, rather than my normal trip to Memphis, with four full days of Elvis events.



Memphis Day 1 – Wed Oct 26

On Wednesday, I woke up at 5am est, got the dogs up and fed and back in bed with me since I wouldn’t see them again until Monday. I left my house just after 10am to take the dogs to the Vet to board. Elvis just pranced back with the tech and didn’t even look back, while Priscilla cowered behind my legs. I had to walk her back, where Elvis was excitedly waiting. I drove to Fast Park, got the shuttle, went through security and was eating at Arby’s by 11:15am for my 1:10pm flight. I watched my favorite Elvis movie Girl Happy while waiting. My plane landed 10 minutes early, but than I had to wait about a half hour for the free shuttle to Heartbreak Hotel.

I don’t normally stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel, in fact I’ve only stayed there one other time, but it was the final night as it was closing its doors as the new Guest House at Graceland opened – and my friend invited me to share her room. We were in room 401, which is right next door to the room I stayed in back in 2002. I know this because I still have the key – they used to use real keys with the Heartbreak Hotel logo on it. Around 4:45 cst grabbed a cab to FedEx Forum for the Grizzlies game. I knowingly missed the Closing Ceremony with Priscilla Presley (but I did get my commemorative glass and print) because I wanted to be at the Grizzlies game early since it was opening night and figured I’d see Priscilla at the Opening Ceremony at the Guest House.

After the Grizzlies game, I listened to the band outside enjoying the party on the plaza while waiting for my car service to pick me up and take me back to the Heartbreak Hotel and watched Elvis movies until it was time for bed.



Memphis Day 2 Thurs Oct 27

I didn’t get much sleep, maybe 2 hours, on the final night at the Heartbreak Hotel, but it was ok because I had the Elvis Movie channel to keep me company. Maybe it was the excitement of the upcoming events or sleeping on the couch or sharing the room with others, but it didn’t really matter because I had four days of Elvis events to look forward to so I was running on adrenaline. I got up around 7:30am, then we went down to enjoy the free breakfast which included mini chicken biscuits from chick fil a – yummy!

Around 9:45am, we decided to take the shuttle over to the Guest House at Graceland hoping to check in early before it got too crowded. As we pulled up, a lot of the staff was lined up outside to greet us. They informed us there was going to be a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the media at 10:15am. I knew about the 5pm Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, but didn’t know about this one. I quickly checked into my room, threw my bags down and rushed back outside. Along with the media, there were about 10-20 fans on the lawn for this the first Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the day. After a few minutes, out walks Joel Weinshanker of Graceland Holdings LLC, Jack Soden Graceland CEO and Priscilla Presley. I recorded the entire six minute ceremony (see below).

After the ribbon cutting cermony, I went to get my event credentials then went to the theater for the first event of the weekend. It was the screening of the ’68 Special. I’ve seen it a million times, as we all have, but I’ve never seen it on the big screen before. It was pretty cool. And the movie theater is huge and beautiful – just like any modern movie theater out there (holds over 400 people). After, we tried to get lunch. Delta’s Kitchen, the sit down a little more upscale country cookin restaurant, was not open for lunch but they would be the rest of the weekend. The line was too long at E.P.’s Bar and Grill – over an hour wait. We were starving as it was almost 2pm and had it been five hours ago that we our mini chicken and biscuits. We decided to grab something from Shake, Rattle and Go. I got a small fruit and cheese plate, a bottle of water and a Butterfinger for $16, yes $16. We took our ‘lunch’ and sat in the lobby lounge to eat and soak in the atmosphere.

While sitting in the lobby lounge eating our lunch, I saw Grizzlies’ Chandler Parsons standing right outside in the hallway apparently taking the tour of the new resort. Without even knowing it, I was screaming his name. He kind of looked around. When he walked away, I jumped up and followed him down the hallway. When they stopped, I stopped at a safe distance behind figuring they would come back since they were at the end of the hallway. But unfortunately, they left out the door. Oh well! We saw Priscilla’s parents go into Delta’s Kitchen and then while we were still hanging out in the hallway outside, they left so I held the door open for them. I went to the Gift Shop and bought a Guest House shirt, hoodie, magnet and chocolate bar. Unfortunately, there was nothing dated with Opening Weekend.

I  then went up to my room to unpack and rest up a bit. I used the South Tower Elevator, which was closer to my room and right next to the gorgeous Graceland replica staircase with the chandelier Elvis had bought but was too big to hang in Graceland. It is a beautiful sight and was great to walk by it each time I went and came from my room. My room was beautiful with all the modern conveniences including NetFlix on a big screen tv with four Elvis channels. I had a beautiful view of the courtyard and pool. Just before 5pm I went down to the front lawn for the second Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the day, but this was a much bigger affair with lots of fans and everyone from the Elvis world including Priscilla and her parents, Jerry Schilling, George Klein, Marion Kocke, James Burton, Ronnie Tutt, Cynthia Pepper, Marlyn Mason, Jerry Phillips and many more. I stood up front off to the side. I couldn’t see the actual ribbon cutting, but I was right next to Elvis’ friends. I was very happy I had attended the original ribbon cutting ceremony with just a few of us.

After the ceremony, we called the pink limo from Marlowe’s to pick us up for dinner – the only meal we would eat outside of the resort. We love Marlowe’s and Thursday was the least busy day for us to go. We split the yummy fried gouda sticks – much better than mozzarella sticks. I got the bbq beef brisket with mac n cheese and green beans, a glass of moscato and water. It was amazing and so much food. I brought half of the brisket back with me, even though I didn’t have a microwave in my room. I figured I eat cold roast beef sandwiches, so this should be fine. In the great gift shop at Marlowe’s, I bought three old Elvis books I can’t get anywhere else, a Million Dollar Quartet lunchbox, Million Dollar Quartet magnet and a vintage orange and silver sparkly Elvis bracelet.

We rode the pink limo back to the Guest House, put our leftovers in our rooms, stopped by Terry Mike Jeffrey for about five minutes then hung out in the lobby where we saw Jerry Schilling, George Klein and Jerry Phillips in the lounge. We just hung out near them then went outside and sat directly across the glass door from them. We went back inside and saw Priscilla and her parents walking down the hall then Jerry and his wife. Jerry kind of walked around us. He looked me in the eye, but I shyly looked away. I should have asked him for a photo, but it just didn’t feel right. Besides, I already have a photo of Jerry and myself from 2009. We went outside and sat by the pool until about 10:30 or so. It is so beautiful out there, so relaxing. We watched Brad Birkedahl for one song than retreated to our rooms. I ate my leftover bbq beef brisket, which was fabulous cold.

To see all my photos from Day 2 in Memphis, please click here.


Memphis Day 3 Fri Oct 28

Friday was my favorite day of this trip, and I knew it would be by the events scheduled. I woke up just after 8am after a great night’s sleep in my comfortable king be in my quiet room in the Guest House. While waiting in line for the first event, I met a great lady named Sherry who was also a U2 fan from Wellsboro, PA. Apparently she follows me on Twitter. The Elvis world is a small world. At 10am, the first great event of the day was Conversations on Elvis with Sam Thompson, Dick Groeb, Charles Stone and Jerry Schilling. Jerry talked a bit about the Elvis and Nixon movie that he was a part of then not a part of then was a part of – he wasn’t too happy with the results. After we had the yummy Lunch Buffet at Delta’s Kitchen for $16 – the same price as our fruit and cheese plate the day before.

After lunch was the live broadcast of the Sirius Elvis Radio show at 2pm. First up Argo talked with Jack Soden for about 15 minutes then talked with Priscilla for about 45 minutes. Priscilla mentioned that “Just Pretend,” which is one of my favorite Elvis songs was also one of his favorites. At 3pm, George Klein started his Elvis Radio show with Priscilla and Jerry. Priscilla mentioned that if Elvis were alive, he would be all over Twitter. Jerry mentioned he is now managing the Beach Boys. Priscilla stayed until just before 3:30, and Jerry stayed until just before 4pm. Then George spoke with James Burton. After, I went up to my room and rested for a couple of hours – I actually napped.

I was downstairs by 7pm to catch the shuttle over to Graceland for our rare night tour. It was so fantastic to be at Graceland at night with hardly anyone else there touring. Most of the folks went over with the first shuttles at 5:30, but we waited until the last shuttles so we could have Graceland almost all to ourselves. The mansion was lit in pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which made it even more beautiful. Graceland is even more serene at night. I spent as much time in my favorite living room and foyer as I wanted and took so many photos as if it was not my 100th time at Graceland. In the VIP exhibit, we saw the actual plans Elvis had to build a Guest House for his friends to stay in while in Memphis. I had to buy a bag because of the books and lunchbox I had bought the night before that would not fit in my suitcase. I found a great Elvis duffle bag with wheels and a handle for just $40. Then since I had a bag, I figured I could buy some more souvenirs. So I bought a Million Dollar Quartet tin and shirt, a coral and blue graceland shirt and another book.

Around 9pm we went back to the Guest House and had a very late dinner at E.P’s Bar and Grill, sitting at the bar with who would become my favorite server Valerie. We each had a glass of Mascato and split appetizers fried mac n cheese bites and the pimento sausage bake – both were delicious. And I grabbed a banana pudding to go, which was amazing! I saved it for my midnight snack. It was banana pudding layered with butter cookies – fantastic! After dinner I attended the screening of Viva Las Vegas in the theater. I was in my room by midnight enjoying the scrumptious banana pudding.

To see all my photos from my third day in Memphis, please click here.


Memphis Day 4 Sat Oct 29

After another great night’s sleep, a full seven hours, I peeled myself out of bed to enjoy the buffet breakfast at Delta’s Kitchen at 9am. (The buffet breakfast was also $16 like the lunch buffet). At 10am, we went to the beautiful Grand Ballroom for Conversations on Elvis with Cynthia Pepper (costar from Kissin’ Cousins), Angie Marchese (Graceland Archivist) and Marlyn Mason (costar from The Trouble with Girls). I had no idea Cynthia also starred in My Three Sons. Marlyn Mason is hysterical and her zipper story was fantastic! (you can use your imagination about Elvis, his zipper and Marlyn sitting while Elvis was standing and the director trying to get a reaction out of Elvis.) Angie brought some stuff from Jailhouse Rock including a shirt Elvis wore in the movie, the receipt for that famous sweater and his contract. It is staggering Elvis started in 1954 making $82 a week and three years later was making $25,000. a week on Jailhouse Rock. Five days after signing the Jailhouse Rock contract, Elvis bought Graceland. Angie is also now the archivist for Prince’s Paisley Park. While there, she saw Prince had Elvis’ 1950s box set on cd and a VHS copy of the ’68 Special.

Only had just over an hour before the next Conversations on Elvis at 1pm, so I decided just to hang out and relax in the beautiful lobby. I sat down on one of the big chairs. After a few minutes Marion Kocke, Elvis’ nurse, and her friend come over and sit on the couch next to me. I talk with them a bit then Cynthia Pepper comes over and joins them on the couch. Then Jerry Schilling walks by and Marion starts waving at him, but he doesn’t see her and walks away. A little bit later I see Jerry come back into the lobby, so I tell Marion and she begins to wave at him again. He still doesn’t see her, but his wife comes over and takes a photo with her. Jerry walks over behind the couch, so Marion jumps up (at 91 years old) leaves her walker, almost trips on her cane just so she won’t miss talking with Jerry. Her friend said Jerry is Marion’s cup of tea. I responded, “Mine too!” Jerry then came over and said Hi to Cynthia and looked down at me sitting in my chair smiled and said, “Hi. How are you?” Not sure if he thought I was with Marion and Cynthia or remembered me from Thursday night following him around or was just being polite. Either way, I did not feel it was the right time to ask for a photo. It was nice just to have Jerry recognize me.

The next Conversations on Elvis included his childhood friend from Tupelo Sam Bell, his teenage girlfriend Dixie Locke and Sam Phillips’ son Jerry and granddaughter Haley. After I relaxed in the room until dinner – actually napped again. I went to Delta’s Kitchen for the dinner buffet at 5:30 ($19.). Then I hung out in the lobby until it was time to go to Elvis Unplugged at 8pm with Andy Childs, David Briggs and Norbert Putnam. After about an hour I left to go to the bathroom then noticed the Grizzlies game on at EP’s Bar and Grill, so snuck in there to watch the fourth quarter. At 10:30 I headed over to the theater for the screening of Jailhouse Rock. I was in my room by midnight snacking and enjoying the view of the courtyard lit up.

To see all my photos from Day 4 in Memphis, please click here.


Memphis Day 5 Sun Oct 30

After another restful night of sleep, I slept in until 9am just eating a PopTart in my room and not going downstairs until almost 10am for the Gospel Side of Elvis event with Andy Childs, Terry Blackwood and Donnie Sumner, Bill Baize, Ed Hill and Larry Strickland of The Stamps. They were great. Donnie was especially funny, but also got choked up a few times. They ended with my favorite “How Great Thou Art.” At 1pm, I went to the theater for the final Elvis event of the weekend – a screening of Aloha from Hawaii. After, I said my goodbyes to everyone and headed to EP’s Bar and Grill to finally eat and watch the Broncos game at 3pm. I got the Memphis Burger, which was huge and amazingly yummy! Unfortunately, there was a little snafu with their NFL Sunday Ticket, so I was unable to watch my Broncos. After finishing my Memphis Burger, fries and three sweet teas, I went up to room to pack and then down to the lobby to hang out for the last time.

I went to the Grizzlies game then grabbed a cheese and sausage plate from Blues City (which was amazing because of the BBQ dipping sauce) and took it back to the Guest House to enjoy on my last night in Memphis. After eating, I went down and sat by the pool around 11:30pm and stayed there until after 1am just listening to the Elvis music and soaking up the last minutes of the wonderful Guest House at Graceland and Memphis. I went back up to my room and didn’t fall asleep until 3am. I didn’t want to sleep at all because I didn’t want my time in Memphis to end. I ‘slept’ with the curtains opened all night so I could enjoy the beautiful view of the courtyard and pool.

To see all my photos from my fifth day in Memphis, please click here.



Memphis Day 6 Mon Oct 31

I was up at 6am after just three hours of sleep. Just after 7am, I decided to walk next door to Graceland and do the Walk Up to the Mediation Garden (you can do it every day from 7:30-8:30am). Realizing it was Larry Mullen’s (U2’s drummer) birthday, I wore my Larry Mullen Band shirt. (Larry is also a big Elvis fan and was photographed at Elvis’ grave back in 1987). I was the first one to walk up the driveway at Graceland and the first one in the Meditation Garden. After paying my respects, I just sat off to the side spending my last morning in Memphis with Elvis. Unfortunately, they kicked usaiout just after 8am saying there was an early tour so we needed to leave. I walked back to the Guest House, gathered my things and took the free shuttle to the airport for my 11am flight back home where I was happily greeted by my dogs Elvis and Priscilla.

To see all my photos from Day 6 in Memphis, please click here.


I can’t say enough about The Guest House at Graceland. It was first class all the way decorated retro modern, but classy. The food was spectacular and the service even better. Every restaurant and bar also had outside seating. The constant Elvis music playing throughout the hotel made waiting for an event or a table enjoyable. For the first time while traveling, I actually slept each night. With all the events, I didn’t even had time to read or watch television. Also for the first time visiting Memphis (and I visit once or twice a year), I did not go to Sun Studio or eat at the Cupboard and barely spent any time on Beale Street. There was just so much to do at the Guest House at Graceland. It was lot like being in Vegas where I did not know what time it was or even what day it was. I didn’t even go outside from Friday night until Sunday afternoon – there was no reason to, everything you need is in the resort. This Opening Weekend of the Guest House at Graceland was truly like a mini Elvis Week. Elvis is alive in all his fans and he keeps his friends together every year and brings new friends together. I cried so many times hearing Elvis’ friends tell stories. With all the new Guest House and new Graceland Visitor / Entertainment Center opening, the HBO series, the Million Dollar Quartet series, the Sam Phillips movie and the 40th Anniversary of Elvis’ death in August, 2017 really is the Year of Elvis.

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