Elvis This One’s For You by Arlene Cogan

This was the best Elvis fan book I’ve ever read, and I REALLY loved the Donna Lewis Diaries. Written in 1985, Elvis This One’s For You by Arlene Cogan is so great because Arlene was not only a fan but also a friend of Elvis – basically she is what you call a fan/friend. Furthermore, Arlene was in contact more or less with Elvis until the end – although not as close as she was in the beginning. Like June’s book, I also liked Arlene’s book so much because it showed Elvis before he went into the army and what life was like home at Graceland with his mom and dad.

Arlene met Elvis when she was 14 in 1957. Her uncle got her into the press conference and front row concert tickets for Elvis’ show in Chicago. At the press conference, Elvis noticed her right away and told her to visit him in Memphis. Arlene did a few weeks later and became a part of ‘Elvis’ gang’ along with other teens Frances and Heidi. They hung out at Graceland at the pool and inside, had meals with Vernon and Gladys, went to the roller rink and the fairgrounds and spent Christmas of 1957 with Elvis and his parents. Arlene soon moved to Memphis. Elvis could talk to the girls more than he could with the guys. Elvis would have the three girls up in his room at night kissing and talking and hugging. The were expected not to date anyone and remain virgins. Elvis even had a white panties test where he would literally pull the waistband of their pants out and look to see if their panties were white, and he would know that meant they were still virgins – plus white panties turned Elvis on. Elvis was hurt when the girls grew up and got married and ‘left’ him.


It is just amazing to me Elvis allowed these three teen fans (and I am sure many more) into his life, his personal life. Elvis craved that kind of complete adoration and needed the girls fan love for him, but at the same time he wanted them to love him for him and not just Elvis the entertainer. I always wonder what made Elvis notice certain fan girls in the crowd more than others and allow them into his life because they weren’t necessarily always the prettiest ones. I think how I was born too late, and why couldn’t I have been 16 in 1956? But then I realize I was way too tall and way too blond for Elvis.

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  1. I just ordered this book can’t wait to read it.


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