Elvis Week 2008

I had just moved to Memphis for the second time the month before Elvis Week 2008. I am not sure why, but I cannot find any photos from this Elvis Week, so I apologize for the lack of visual stimulation. Also, there wasn’t a lot of detail in my journal – just the highlights.

Saturday August 9th I went to Studio on the Square to see the screening of the new Elvis / Graceland documentary then over to Marlowe’s for the Fan Meet Up. I picked up my tickets at Graceland for the week’s events. That night I went to the Redbirds baseball game (triple A for the St. Louis Cardinals). There were fireworks after set to Elvis’ music.

Sunday August 10th I went to the Gospel Breakfast at the Car Museum and then spent the rest of the day in Tupelo to tour Elvis’ birthplace. On the way back, I stopped at Graceland Too in Holly Springs, but there was no answer.

Monday August 11th I went to Music and Movies at Graceland. This was a screening of Jailhouse Rock on the front lawn of Graceland. They had a huge outdoor movie screen showing Jailhouse Rock, while we sat on the front lawn of Graceland. It was amazing! Jerry Schilling (my favorite) and George Klein spoke a bit before the movie started.

Tuesday August 12th I went to the second night of Music and Movies at Graceland. James Burton, Jerry Scheff and The Imperials played a few songs then we watched Elvis: That’s the Way It Is on the big screen while sitting on the front lawn of Graceland.

Wednesday August 13th I went to the Elvis Expo where I met DJ Fontana, who autographed his book for me, and Joe Petruccio, who autographed his calendar for me.

Thursday August 14th I went to Marion Cocke’s Memorial Dinner, which was great! Jerry Schilling, George Klein, Larry Geller, The Jordanaires, Millie Kirkland and DJ Fontana were all there. I met Marion, and she autographed her book for me. I bought an original Elvis plate – I had always wanted one since I was little.

Friday August 15th I went to the candlelight vigil. Because it took so long the previous year (on the 30th anniversary), I got in line early and then was through by 10pm – way too early. I don’t like to get to the grave site until after midnight so it will be the 16th – the actual anniversary.

Saturday August 16th I went to George Klein’s Memorial Service at the University of Memphis.

Sorry for the lack of details. Guess I was having too much fun to journal everything.

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