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I see these headlines, and it still doesn’t feel real. I attended her memorial service, and it still doesn’t feel real. I touched her grave, and it still doesn’t feel real. 💔 LMFP
We’re in Memphis,
This has been hanging on my wall since 2006. First in Maryland then in Florida. Since October, it’s been in my bedroom in the hallway between my bathroom and bed, so I see it many times each day. 💔
Thanks to everyone who reached out. That was very kind of you. I’m shocked that our Lisa is gone. I’m not sure why I haven’t cried yet when I’m still crying over losing Olivia Newton-John. Maybe because Lisa is happy now being back with her beloved Ben and her dad. Or maybe it just hasn’t truly hit me yet because I haven’t turned on the tv or searched online or scrolled through social media - and I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to listen to her music, watch her videos and live in my own memories of Lisa. I would have been a fan of hers even if she was not Elvis’ daughter. I’m fact out of all the times I’ve met her, only one has been at Graceland. My love for her really has nothing (it not much) to do with Elvis. I’ve been to 20 of her concerts, met her 8 times including one night actually hanging out with after her concert, got my photo with her 4 times and got her autograph 6 times. She was the best! SO down to earth and humble and caring. That night hanging out with her after her show there were about 10 of us fans and Lisa sitting around a table just talking. Lisa was showing us photos of the twins trick or treating. We were drinking and listening to music. “Xanadu” came on and I started singing to it, and so did Lisa. We were the only ones singing to it, so that’s my moment singing with Lisa Marie Presley (and to an Olivia Newton-John song - talk about worlds colliding). A little bit later Lisa came around (because she had been sitting across from me), and sat next to me and put her hand on my knee and asked me how far I had to drive home making sure I was ok to drive (after the shots she bought for us). I forget what else we talked about, but we had also chatted a little earlier upstairs immediately after her show (because this was the after after party) when I told her ”Idiot” was my getting ready to go out song (this was back when I still went out 😂). We also chatted about her merchandise because she made fun of me for buying a bunch of stuff. I will always cherish that night and all of my encounters with Lisa over the years, but that one the most.
Going to unplug and enjoy the view for a while. Happy 2023!
Happy New Year 2023!