Elvis’ 75th Birthday 2010

Thursday January 7th I went to the Elvis Insiders Reception and Night Tour of Graceland. (no details in my journal, just that I went.) Friday January 8th was Elvis’ 75th Birthday. It was the coldest it had been in Memphis in 13 years, and I had just moved there a year and a half earlier. It [continue reading]

January 12, 2010 // 0 Comments

Elvis Week 2007 – the 30th Anniversary

Elvis Week 2007, the 30th Anniversary, was my second Elvis Week, but I feel like it was my first because I went to all of the events and I did the candlelight vigil for the first time – I skipped it on the 25th anniversary in 2002, my first Elvis Week. And I was visiting Memphis (not living [continue reading]

August 18, 2007 // 0 Comments

Elvis Week 2002 – the 25th Anniversary

Elvis Week 2002 – the 25th Anniversary was my first Elvis Week, and I had just moved to Memphis the day before Elvis Week started. This was before social media and digital cameras, so I don’t have any photos or videos to share – but lots of stories. Saturday August 10, 2002  I [continue reading]

August 18, 2002 // 2 Comments