International Polar Bear Day 2.27.10

Yes, it has been a week since I blogged – because it’s been a week since I left the house, except to take Elvis to the vet on Wednesday. But today I went to the Memphis Zoo because it was International Polar Bear Day. I love the polar bears and they are in serious trouble of becoming extinct in the next 5 to 10 years, which breaks my heart. I spent most of my time at the Northwest Passage watching the polar bears, but I did manage to walk around the zoo to see the elephants, lions, giraffes and pandas. After the zoo, I went and got pizza from exlines, 6 movies from blockbuster and 2 boxes of tagalogs from the girl scouts who had a table set up outside. it was a good day!

International Polar Bear Day

Memphis Zoo

Northwest Passage

Polar Bears in the water and out

swimming together


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