ch ch ch changes

So after 5 more hours last night of tweaking my 2 month cross country roadtrip, I find out this morning that it will all have to be changed again. Bono had to have emergency back surgery today causing U2 to postpone its tour opener in Salt Lake City June 3, with probably more shows postponed. I was shocked to hear that Bono had to have surgery but when it sounded like he was going to be ok, I then thought about my roadtrip and all the changes that I will have to make.

I’m lucky though because I won’t lose any money, as so many others will with their flights, because I’m driving and all my hotel reservations are changeable. I’m also lucky that I have the time to reschedule this trip to whenever the shows are rescheduled. I’m so OCD that I need to know now what the changes are to the tour, so I can change my roadtrip accordingly. So I’ve been obsessively searching twitter, facebook and u2 fan sites to see the lastest news or gossip.

There is indication that part of the stage is headed to Minnesota, which indicates Minnesota should be one of the first 3 shows meaning Anaheim, Denver and Oakland may be postponed as well. Hopefully these shows will in fact be postponed and not cancelled because I was looking forward to seeing all 12 US shows and super excited to be reporting on them for 

The good thing is maybe they will be rescheduled in an easier route for me, as I was going to have to do a lot of backtracking with the previous schedule. I still want to travel route 66 though. Hopefully we will hear something definite Monday or Tuesday because I was supposed to leave Wednesday, and I have many hotel reservations to cancel and hopefully reschedule. The sick thing is that I’m looking forward to replanning my entire roadtrip.

Here’s to a speedy recovery Bono! Don’t come back too soon. We can wait.

me & bono 1992

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  1. I had to laugh when you mentioned the back-tracking… Back in 1997 my best friends and I followed a portion of the tour. I was the unofficial tour manager… and I worked out exactly what flights everyone should take, etc. And then they were each in charge of going to a travel agent and making the purchase of the flight itinerary that I had worked for each of us.

    When one of my friends went to her travel agent and told her she wanted to book flights that went as follows: LA to New Orleans, New Orleans to San Antonio, San Antonio to Atlanta and Atlanta to Houston. The travel agent told “No, that doesn’t make sense. You’d be better off going from LA to Atlanta, then to New Orleans, then to Houston then to San Antonio.” And my friend said “No I need the routing as I originally told you. I’m following a band’s pre-existing tour schedule.” The travel agent said “What band?” And she says “U2.” Agent says “They should be called U-Turn.” hahaha


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