ON THE ROAD to Tulsa

Finally on my roadtrip! Not the roadtrip I planned, but still going to be a great time!

Elvis, Cilla & I left Memphis at 9am, stopped for a few minutes about 3 hours later somewhere in Arkansas and arrived in Tulsa, OK just before 3:30pm. This was the worst day of my trip, but it was supposed to be. The only reason I’m in Tulsa is so I can get on Route 66 in the morning and see all the sites on the way to Oklahoma City. The real fun starts tomorrow!

For tonight, we’re eating pizza and watching tv in our motel room. Elvis & Cilla are very happy to be out of the way-back of the car. Here is a picture I took of ‘Priscilla’s’ near our hotel.

Bonus – Cal Ripken’s 2131 game is on ESPN classic. As soon as that music starts, I cry. No matter how many times I’ve watched this game over the past 15 years, I cry. Cal started with the Orioles when I started going to Orioles games. Baseball will never be like that again. Those were great days!

Ordered pizza from Mazzio’s and ate way too much. I may just try pizza in each city I visit.

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