ON THE ROAD Route 66 Amarillo to Albuquerque

After a restful and enjoyable night at the Big Texan, we left this morning for the final leg of our Route 66 journey. First stop Route 66 Amarillo.

Route 66 Amarillo, TX

Mural Route 66 Amarillo

Smokey Joe's Cafe Route 66 Amarillo

Next stop was Vega, TX.

Magnolia Station Route 66 Vega, TX

Magnolia Station Route 66 Vega

Mother Road Vega

Dot's Mini Museum Vega

end of the road

Next stop was the halfway point between Chicago and Los Angeles in Adrian, TX. As we were pulling off of Route 40 to get back onto Route 66, Elvis saw goats and started barking and the goats started running. He is a herding dog afterall.

this way to Route 66

Route 66 Adrian, TX

Midpoint Cafe Route 66 Adrian

Midpoint Cafe Route 66

halfway between chicago and los angeles

This is my first time in New Mexico. I have always wanted to visti, but after seeing ‘Crazy Heart’ I really wanted to visit Albuquerque and Santa Fe. First stop in New Mexico, after an almost another scary dirt road adventure, was Motel Row in Tucumari.

Route 66 Tucumari, NM

Route 66 New Mexico

After stopping at Route 66 Gas Station so Elvis and Cilla could stretch their legs and use the facilities, we stopped in Santa Rosa, NM.

Route 66 Auto Museum Santa Rosa, NM

Our next and final stop on Route 66 was Albuquerque. The scenery is beautiful and Old Town is a cute little town.

almost to albuquerque

Cilla is very tired from all the driving

Route 66 Albuquerque, NM

So I did it. I drove Route 66 from Tulsa, OK to Albuquerque, NM. It was very cool, and I’m glad I did it and saw some cool stuff. But I am glad I’ll be at the same hotel in Old Town the next few night while visiting Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

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