relaxing at home in maryland

I’ve had 2 relaxing days home in Maryland. Yesterday was mom and dad’s anniversary, so we went to Ship’s Cafe in Catonsville for dinner. Good thing because today there was a water main leak and it was closed. Elvis and Cilla are enjoying the attention and all the snacks at mom and dad’s, but  they miss being off leash and running in their yard. And elvis doesn’t like not being able to get on the couch. 

the only furniture elvis is allowed on at mom and dad's

cilla is comfortable anywhere

This morning I took Elvis and Cilla on a nice walk through Font Hill Park around the pond. It was great except I got a really terrible migraine that lasted until a couple of hours ago.

Font Hill Park

Elvis and Cilla walking in Font Hill Park

Font Hill Pond

geese on the pond

elvis n cilla tired after the walk

I’m starting to make plans with friends while I’m home. Still waiting for a few responses, but so far it looks like a movie, happy hour, reunion pre party and reunion, 2 orioles games, another happy hour, and a lunch.

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