planning for U2011 Across America

I woke up this morning after a great, full night’s sleep with no plans except to go out tonight. I realize it is July 13th, which is the 25th anniversary of the Live Aid concert, which pretty much made U2. I get an email saying the Chicago U2 concert has been rescheduled for July 5, 2011. Then I start seeing facebook posts and tweets about other dates being rescheduled. Then I get more emails about other dates being rescheduled. I go to and there it is – the U2 360 North American rescheduled tour dates!!!

Now the tour starts off in Denver on May 21st! It may be a little cold in Denver, it may even snow, but I’m very excited the tour will start in Denver – home of my Broncos (even if it will be baseball season). The rest of the US tour is as follows: May 24 Salt Lake City, June 4 Seattle, June 7 Oakland, June 17 & 18 Anaheim, June 26 East Lansing, June 29 Miami, July 5 Chicago, July 14 Philadelphia, July 20 New Jersey and July 23 Minneapolis. I didn’t list the 4 Canadian shows because I don’t have tickets to those and wasn’t planning on attending.

The tour is a year away, so who knows what will happen between now and then, but I already have tickets, so I thought it best to book hotels just in case. I can always cancel them if something comes up. So I spent the entire day, and I mean the entire day, booking hotels for all the tour dates. I couldn’t book Philadelphia, New Jersey or Minneapolis yet because they are more than a year away. If all goes well and I can swing it, I still plan to take the dogs, see all the US sites and make a documentary of my travels. But like I said, it is a year away and anything can happen.

Please watch my video of U2’s I’ll Go Crazy in Atlanta 2009

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