Daylight Fades encore presentation at Studio on the Square 7.20.10

I don’t like vampire movies. They are just not my thing. I don’t like blood and certainly don’t like seeing blood. That being said, the Memphis made ‘Daylight Fades’ is a great movie. I attended the encore presentation of ‘Daylight Fades’ at Studio on the Square this evening. It was sold out. And the crowd was very into the movie and liked it very much.

‘Daylight Fades’ was shot in Memphis by a Memphis director with Memphis actors and Memphis music. It wasn’t your typical gory vampire horror flick. It wasn’t a horror flick at all. It was a very intense drama that just happened to be about vampires and the people in their lives who live in Memphis. It showcased Memphis spots such Young Avenue Deli, Overton Park, Ernestine and Hazel’s, McEwen’s, the great porches of the midtown homes, and the beautiful sunrises coming up over the Mississippi. I hope it gets picked up nationally because I think it would do very well.

Daylight Fades

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