my favorite time of year

Yesterday was Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer, which means today is the unofficial first day of Fall – my favorite time of year. September, October, November and December are my favorite months of the year. I always feel as if Fall is a new beginning. So as such I started a new journal.

Rather than starting it on new year’s day, I start it on Labor Day, which is the start of Fall and one month before my birthday. I’d rather record my life according to my years, rather than the calendar years. So I started a journal to record my 38th year. I had stopped writing in a journal when I started this blog, but began to realize that I need a journal too. I can’t make everything public can I ?

September starts the football season. Next Sunday is the first Denver Broncos game! September is also the start of my new job with the Grizzlies. There is much local Memphis music to hear in September. This past weekend was the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival and Cooper Young Festival is next Saturday. I’m also going to hear local bands at the Metal Museum and at the HiTone – and I’m sure many other places I don’t even know about yet. Also September brings baseball playoffs and the Redbirds won their division, so again are heading to the playoffs. I have my ticket to the first game on Wednesday!

October is my most favorite month of the year because it is my birthday – october 4th! This year I’m celebrating by spending the weekend in Nashville planned around my Denver Broncos playing the Tennessee Titans on October 3rd. I’m going to Nashville on Saturday, hanging out in the honkey tonks on broadway Saturday night, going to the broncos game sunday then the honkey tonks on broadway again sunday night, touring RCA Studio B Monday morning on my birthday then back to Memphis. Sadly Elvis and Cilla won’t be coming with me on this trip. October also brings the start of the NBA regular season. Go Grizzlies! Then end of October is the Indie Memphis Film Festival, which I hope to be volunteering at, but at the very least attending some great local movies. I also plan on visiting Graceland and Harrah’s a few times each this Fall.

November is the beginning of the holiday season – Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping and decorating for Christmas. And of course December is Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but more importantly I get to go home and visit my parents and Cindy’s family. Elvis and Cilla will go with me on that trip.

So maybe I do make all my thoughts public?

Please share your thoughts about this post. Thanks for reading!

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