DENVER BRONCOS beat TN Titans in Nashville 10.3.10

I got an early birthday present today. My Denver Broncos defeated the Tennessee Titans 26-20 in a back and forth nail biter! It was such a great game!!!

Dressed in my orange Broncos Elvis jersey (for #92 Elvis Dumervil), orange cowboy hat that I got at Southfork, Broncos earings from my dad, orange purse from my mom, and orange sneakers I headed to LP Field a little after 10am. I took the hotel shuttle to the pedestrian bridge then walked over the river to the stadium with everyone – Broncos fans and Titans fans. I got to my seat at 10:30am – an hour and a half before kickoff – and didn’t leave it until the game was over. I was sitting on the first level around the 10 yard line on the Broncos side about 27 rows up.

pedestrian bridge to LP Field

LP Field

inside LP Field 90 minutes before kickoff

It was a cold day – windy, overcast, barely 60 degrees, but good football weather. Charlie Pride sang the national anthem. The Broncos scored first and then it went back and forth and back and forth – a nail biter to the very end. After a pass interference call on 3rd down, the Broncos got the ball in the redzone then scored what was to be the winning touchdown. Both the Broncos’ first touchdown and their final touchdown were in the endzone right in front of me. It was such an amazing game and great early birthday present for me!

the national anthem


Broncos win!

my Broncos ticket

I learned 3 things at the Broncos – Titans game in Nashville today. Number 1 – Denver fans are great and very spirited. They were many Broncos fans in Nashville representing their love for their team. Number 2 – Titans fans are big booers. They booed everything – when a call didn’t go their way and when Denver did something good. It was weird and annoying. Number 3 – People in the South don’t scream and yell at games (except for the booing). I screamed and yelled so much that my throat hurts. I got so many weird looks throughout the game from my screaming. The people in front of me moved to get away from my screaming. Haha!

Please watch my video of the DENVER BRONCOS win over the titans in Nashville

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