Memphis Cultural Events Examiner

I am now the Memphis Cultural Events Examiner! I will be writing for about all the attractions I go to and events I attend in Memphis – concerts, festivals, movie openings, art exhibits, museums, etc. Basically what I do here in my blog. Hopefully this will give me a bit of a following, get my writings and videos out there and maybe even make me a little money. Here is the link to my page It won’t be active for a few days though.

I am no longer actively writing for the Memphis Vegan Examiner, which is good because that whole vegan thing only lasted about a month. I tried and I’ll keep trying, but I still can’t find a great substitute for cheese, and I love cheese too much to settle for something that is just ok. I mean it’s my only vice. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink, and it’s not like I’m dating, so cheese it is. But everything else in my diet at home is vegan. The only thing that isn’t is cheese.

In totally unrelated news, U2 has added a show to their tour next year – and it’s in Pittsburgh! They are now ending their 360 tour in Pittsburgh July 26, 2011. U2 in Pittsburgh holds a very special place in my heart. I first saw them there on Popmart in 1997, but more importantly I saw them there on Elevation in 2001. I met Tasha, who is now one of my closest friends, in the general admission line. And I began to meet all sorts of great people starting with this show.

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  1. That’s awesome. I know you aren’t writing for the Vegan style, but I am a recently turned Vegetarian. Can you offer any tips or recipes?


    • i really don’t do much cooking. i eat frozen meals and sandwiches. i use veganaise instead of mayonaise, earth balance ‘butter’ instead of butter, silk soy milk (vanilla lite and chocolate lite) instead of milk. i love Amy’s frozen tofu scrambles, boca burgers and Quorn turky roast (really good fake turkey). hope this helps.


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