Wine Fest 2010 – my afternoon with wine and Nancy Apple

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Millington, TN, just 15 miles north of Memphis,  at the Old Millington Winery for Wine Fest 2010. It was a beautiful 75 degree sunny October fall day. With great music by Nancy Apple and the Whole Damn Band and a plethera of delicious wines, everyone (men, women, children and dogs) had a wonderful time.

Old Millington Winery

Wine Fest 2010

Nancy Apple and the Whole Damn Band

I was smart to arrive just at 3 when Nancy Apple started playing because I got a close parking spot. Within the hour, people were parking down the street from the winery. I set up my chair in the shade and bought a bottle of wine because they do not sell wine by the glass. It was a nice bottle of table white wine, they said it was the closest wine they had to pino grigio, called Delta White. It was very good – a little sweet, not dry.

Nancy Apple and the Whole Damn Band were great! Nancy is my favorite Memphis musician, living anyway. I was excited to hear ‘Sun Will Always Shine’ because it is my favorite of Nancy’s, and I didn’t hear it at Memphis Music and Heritage Festival last month. ‘Sun Will Always Shine’ is a song Nancy wrote about the day Johnny Cash died. Nancy’s set also included ‘Rockin Granny,’ ‘Voodoo Woman,’ ‘Let’s Have a Party,’ ‘Delta Moon,’ ‘Elvis Loved His Mama’ (another favorite of mine, obviously), ‘Cathead Biscuits and Gravy,’ and a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’ Keith Sykes came up and sang one song with them.

Nancy Apple

Keith Sykes joins the Whole Damn Band

The whole afternoon was great. Wine Fest was free, parking was free. I spent $10 on a bottle of wine and $10 on a Nancy Apple tee shirt. I got to chat with Aaron and Nancy for a bit – they are just so nice. Nancy gave me a cute dog lover’s pin. The first hour was very relaxing, but the second hour was very crowded. There were only 3 problems with the afternoon – too many gnats, too many smokers and my dogs weren’t there. Maybe next year I will have trained Elvis and Cilla to behave in public, so I can take them with me.

my wine fest stuff

Please watch the video of my day at Wine Fest with Nancy Apple

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