My Weekend: Ledo pizza, gymnastics recital, Ravens game

I had a great weekend! Friday night I recuperated from Dover Downs. Saturday afternoon I was still recuperating from Dover, but with a Ledo pizza and back to back episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

the best pizza in the world!

Then Saturday night I went to Tabitha’s gymnastics recital. Kathy and Bruce were nice enough to let me ride up with them, as well as pay for my admission. Thank you! It was a really entertaining gymnastics show. Tabitha was great! And I got to spend a little time with Keira, who is so funny! Cindy wasn’t there, so I will have to wait until Tuesday to see my best friend. I did get to catch up a little with Kurt though.

Tabitha on the trampoline


Today I went to the Ravens game with my dad – and it was freezing! Literally, freezing. It was fun though, and the Ravens won. I forgot how obnoxious football fans are, but I guess I was the obnoxious one in Nashville at the Broncos game. Four U2 songs were played at the Ravens game: It’s Christmas Baby Please Come Home, Where the Streets Have No Name, Bullet the Blue Sky, and Elevation. They also put an ad on the screen for the U2 360 show on June 22 – at which time I screamed 🙂

Ravens Stadium

the view from our seats

my ticket

I’m just going to relax tonight and tomorrow and enjoy being home. Please watch the video of my day with my dad at the Ravens game. (coming soon)


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