Maryland to Memphis Day 1: EC to Bristol

Well I’m on the road again. This time heading back to Memphis. Today I went as far as Bristol, Virginia, which is just over 6 hours from my parents’ house – 390 miles. Even though today’s drive is shorter than tomorrow’s, it’s my least favorite part because it is all Virginia and all route 81, which is quite unpleasant.

on the road ec to bristol

We left the house just before 11am, stopped once 2 hours later at Love’s travel stop, and arrived in Bristol around 5:15pm. It was an easy drive, just over 6 hours, but there was a bit of traffic along 81. And there is snow in Bristol, not a lot but more than there was in Ellicott City. I pretty much had a cheese and chocolate diet today. I had melted cheddar and wheat thins for breakfast, twix and chesse crackers for lunch and leftover Ledo’s extra cheese pizza for dinner. Now we’re relaxing in the hotel with hopes of getting more than a few solid hours of sleep tonight before the 8 hour drive to Memphis tomorrow.

Elvis & Cilla relaxing in a Bristol hotel

Please watch the video of our drive today

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