My First Article – I’m a contributing writer!

Today I bought a copy of Twisted South magazine because it had my very first published article in it! I wrote a review of Jerry Lee Lewis’ cd Mean Old Man. My name is listed as a contributing writer on page 4, and my article is on page 12.

Twisted South magazine

Page 4 - I'm a contributing writer!

page 12 - my 1st article

A couple of months ago Nancy Apple announced that she was managing editor (this status has since changed) of Twisted South magazine. I asked her if I could write something for the magazine because that is what I want to do with my life, so I need some experience. She was generous enough to give me a chance, and they published my review! Thank you Nancy!

This is a short video of when I got the copy of Twisted South today

3 Comments on My First Article – I’m a contributing writer!

  1. I am allowed to post in my blog the very nice picture you made the portal’s ranch Jerry Lee Lewis and adding a link on your article about the Killer in a newspaper.
    If this is a problem let me know and I will immediately remove all of this …
    I have no other purpose than to honor the Grand Talent talented Jerry Lee Lewis.


  2. and I am sorry for my extremely bad english


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