There’s No Place Like Home

October has always been my favorite month, mainly because it’s my birthday month. This October I started my 39th year back home in Maryland – literally at my parents’ house.

The movers came to my house in Memphis at 7am on October 1 and packed my stuff until noon. They were very good, very careful. Mom, Elvis, Cilla and I left Memphis at 12:15 cst, stopped 45 minutes later for lunch, snacks & gas and then again in Murfreesboro for gas. We arrived in at the Quality Inn in Kodak, TN, just outside Pigeon Forge, at 8pm est. We just ate our leftover lunch for dinner. No one slept that night. We left at 8:15 the next morning. We stopped at 10:30 just past Bristol for snacks and then had lunch at 2:15 at Johnny Appleseed in New Market, VA near Luray Caverns. We finally arrived home just before 5pm exhausted.

Johnny Appleseed's

We're home!

The next day I transferred my car insurance and registered my car in Maryland. It was cold, rainy, and in the 40s – not the October weather I love. I was drinking hot chocolate in my sweats!

I celebrated my 39th birthday on October 4th by standing in the driveway for 5 hours telling the movers where to put my stuff – luckily it wasn’t raining and a little warmer. I did have my Ledos pizza and sweet tea though – for every meal! My birthday present from my parents was letting me move back home – and putting a fence in the backyard for Elvis and Cilla.

The next day I was still celebrating with my Ledos pizza. I set up my furniture in the basement, hooked up my cable and DVD player, and unpacked a couple of boxes. I have everything I need in the basement, except a bathroom and closet – I’ll work on that next year.

I never thought I would move back to Maryland, let alone back into my parents’ house, but I am really excited about it! It will be great to be with my parents everyday, except when they’re in Florida.

Please watch my video of our drive home from Memphis to Maryland.

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