Back to Normal, whatever that is

I’ve been home 3 weeks and am just now settled in, so I can get back to my writing this weekend and go out with friends. I’m still looking for a job, as the office manager at the dog walking company didn’t work out. Turns out driving back and forth to Bethesda was not a good idea. I love my new place. The good thing about living in a basement is I have all my stuff in one room. And Elvis and Cilla are digging their new fenced in backyard – literally there are a few holes in the yard. So after a few more appointments this week, I can get back to writing my U2 tours memoirand go out with friends. Not sure if that’s normal or not, but it’s better than unpacking boxes.

elvis and cilla enjoying their new yard

but they would rather be in the house

Please watch the short video of Elvis and Cilla playing in their new yard.

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