Happy 7th Birthday Elvis!

Some are celebrating today because it’s Veterans’ Day. Some are celebrating today because it’s 11.11.11. But I am celebrating today because it’s my dog’s birthday. I can’t believe my Elvis is 7 years old. That’s 49 in dog years – he’s older than me now.

Elvis is 7 today

I adopted Elvis on February 11, 2005 – he was just 3 months old. A few weeks before I started my search for a dog. I had recently bought a house with a fenced in yard, and I wanted a dog. I thought about a bulldog and a corgi and then decided on a mutt from a shelter. I went on petfinder.com and found this dog already named Elvis, but there was no picture – it was fate. He was rescued from a kill shelter in West Virginia and was currently with a foster family with Furry Friends in York, PA. I drove up to meet Elvis on February 5th. He was 15 pounds at 11 weeks old. Six days later Elvis was mine. He came for a home visit and never left. Within a couple of days, he was potty trained and crate trained. I thought he was a genius! We bonded VERY quickly.

Elvis at 3 months

Elvis at 6 months

Elvis 1 year old

Elvis in the car

Elvis' 5th Birthday

rough day

Elvis love the Broncos

I love my Elvis SO much! Happy Birthday baby!

me and Elvis in Palm Springs

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