Jordan Knight has The Right Stuff at The Fillmore – 3.25.12

Last night I saw Jordan Knight at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, the first of my four concerts in four months. I had a great time, even though I only knew one song! My first concert of my life was New Kids on the Block in 1990 – I was almost 18. Twenty-two years later I still love the New Kids on the Block, which is why I went to see Jordan Knight. I don’t have any of his solo albums, but I just like Jordan. He’s gorgeous and nice and very down to earth and extremely entertaining.

I left my house at 6:30pm and was back home at 11pm, a world of difference from the last concert I went to on July 26, 2011 – the last U2 360 show in the US (when Larry hugged me on his way to the stage in Pittsburgh). I wore my Jordan boyfriend tee shirt and listened to Single repeatedly on my half hour drive to The Fillmore. I arrived just after the doors opened at 7pm. I got a spot on the front rail all the way on the end, but it was a great view. The first thing I saw were orange drums! My ticket said doors opened at 7pm and the Fillmore website said the show started at 8pm, but Jordan Knight didn’t take the stage until 9:05pm – and only played until 10:23pm. So basically I waited for Jordan longer than I saw him perform. But it was well worth the wait because Jordan Knight put on a great show, very intimate and entertaining! He talked and interacted a lot with the audience, including bringing three fans on stage to dance during Rockstar. Jordan performed songs in typical NKOTB style as well as sang ballads while playing the keyboards. The highlight of the show for me was Jordan’s performance of NKOTB’s The Right Stuff.

The Fillmore is a great venue and easy to get to right on Route 29 in Silver Spring, MD – and free parking on weekends and week nights. It has a nice bar and a balcony around the perimeter. Capacity is 1100 people, but it wasn’t sold out last night. The floor was pretty much filled without being jam packed scary disgusting. The audience was about 99% women who were in their 30s and 40s and squealed every time Jordan rotated his pelvis. Jordan Knight definitely had the right stuff last night!

3 Comments on Jordan Knight has The Right Stuff at The Fillmore – 3.25.12

  1. Abbey Fisher // March 27, 2012 at 7:39 pm // Reply

    Thank you so much for the video! I love the people signing inside the barrier – it’s awesome that a deaf fan can come and enjoy the show. I’m amazed and thrilled that you got that spot without lining up early. Also, OMG the Right Stuff is so great!! I’m so excited for Friday!


  2. Hi Deena. Just dropping in to follow as your A to Z co-host. Nice to meet you!


  3. Ha, that made me smile. All that screaming…just what I was talking about!


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