J is for James Dean – my favorite actor

A favorite of mine that begins with J is James Dean. He is my favorite actor. I don’t remember how or why I discovered James Dean. I just always remember loving him. He was the iconic symbol of cool in the 1950s. He was an amazing actor. I love his movies: East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. It is so sad that he died so young, but then again he may not have been such a legend had he lived. “Live fast and die young” – I’m not sure if it was his motto or one that was associated with him after he died.

Who is your favorite actor?

This blog post is part of my A to Z April Challenge – 26 of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by. I am also blogging the A to Z Challenge on my other blog On the Road with U2.

5 Comments on J is for James Dean – my favorite actor

  1. I’ve always known of James Dean, but I really don’t think I’ve ever seen any of his movies. I might have to add one or two to my Netflix queue. Visiting from AtoZ.


  2. The Golden Eagle // April 11, 2012 at 6:47 pm // Reply

    I can never decide on a favorite actor. If someone plays the part well in a movie, then I just remember them positively.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective


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