S is for Soap Operas – my favorite kind of tv

A favorite of mine that begins with S is Soap Operas, my favorite kind of television. I have loved soap operas since I was little. I would come home from kindergarten and sneak to watch Days of Our Lives. My mom said she always knew when I was watching soap operas because it was the only time I was quiet. In middle school, I became obsessed with Santa Barbara. In fact, it was one of the only places I wanted to visit on our trip out west in 1984. In high school I started watching As the World Turns, which I watched faithfully until it was cancelled in 2010 – a sad, sad day. I loved As the World Turns, especially Jack and Carly. I was lucky enough to meet each of them a few years ago at a soap event in Kings Dominion.

In college, I started watching Beverly Hills 90210, which quickly became my second favorite show and still is today – second only to Happy Days. I have all 10 seasons of 90210 on dvd and still watch it daily on soapnet. I pretty much can recite the dialogue, especially from the first four seasons. My favorite was Kelly, with Brenda as a close second.

Other soaps I have watched over the years are Young and the Restless, Guiding Light, Dallas, Knots Landing, Melrose Place, Felicity, Party of 5, and My So-Called Life. It is terrible that they have cancelled all but four daytime soap operas, an American institution.

What is your favorite soap opera?

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