V is for Vegas – my 2nd favorite city

A favorite of mine that begins with V is Vegas, as in Las Vegas my second favorite city. I love Las Vegas so much that I am planning to celebrate my 40th birthday there in October.I have been to Vegas four times, and two of those times have been with my best friend Cindy who will also be joining me in October. The first time was for my job, the second time was for U2’s Vertigo tour, the third time was for U2’s 360 tour, and the fourth time was for the opening of NKOTB’s tour and to see the Viva Elvis cirque de soleil show. Whenever I go to Vegas, I stay at Bally’s. It’s a great casino and hotel centrally located on the strip. I love everything about Las Vegas – the lights, the energy and the many, many slots! It is the perfect place to celebrate my milestone 40th birthday! I can’t wait until October!

What is your favorite city?

This blog post is part of my A to Z April Challenge – 26 of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by. I am also blogging the A to Z Challenge on my other blog On the Road with U2.

2 Comments on V is for Vegas – my 2nd favorite city

  1. Hello, Deena! I’ve never been to Vegas. It’s not really my scene, but it’d be fun to get there some day and live it up for a weekend! I hope you have a wonderful time on October!!! That’s a great way to ring in such a special birthday!

    I don’t have a favorite city, but I do love NYC at Christmas time and Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are filled with so much history!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!


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