6 Concerts in 3 months in the Summer of 2012

I am seeing 6 concerts in 3 months in the Summer of 2012. It is a little different than 16 concerts in 3 months like I saw last summer, but U2 is not touring this summer. This summer I am seeing Lisa Marie Presley and Lucero in June, Def Leppard (with Poison) and Toad the Wet Sprocket in July, and New Kids on the Block twice in August.

My first concert of the summer is Lisa Marie Presley! And I am SO excited! I am seeing Lisa Marie Presley at Baltimore Soundstage on June 15th! This is a seated event and general admission seats are $25 or a show package table for two is $75 – guess which one I got? I have to skip seeing the Beach Boys at Merriweather the same night, but I would never miss Lisa Marie, especially in Baltimore. I have seen her every time she’s played Baltimore – this will be the third time. I have seen Lisa Marie Presley several times in concert since 2003 when she started. For more on me and Lisa Marie, please read my next blog post.

My second show of the summer is a week later. I am seeing Lucero at Rams Head Live in Baltimore on Friday June 22nd. It is a general admission show and tickets are $25. Lucero is this great rock band from Memphis. The lead singer has a very unique, raspy voice that I love. I lived in Memphis for three years and never got to see Lucero – something always got in the way. And now that I am back in Maryland, I’m seeing Lucero – ironic.

My third concert of the summer is Def Leppard and Poison at Merriweather on Tuesday July 10th. This is going to be quite the 80s scene. I am pretty excited about this one. I have always wanted to see Def Leppard, as I was a big fan in high school. And recently Bret Michaels of Poison has peaked my interest. Plus 80s rock queen Lita Ford is opening. This show should provide for some great crowd watching. I bought a lawn ticket for $50.

My fourth concert of the summer is Toad the Wet Sprocket at Rams Head on Stage in Annapolis on Monday July 30. I love Toad the Wet Sprocket and have seen them several times in concert. They are definitely one of my favorite bands. They were the soundtrack of the 1990s for me – along with U2 and The Cranberries. This show will be my only seated show of the year, so it will be quite a different atmosphere. Tickets are $50.

My fifth and sixth (and final) concerts of the summer are a two-day festival. I am seeing the New Kids on the Block at the MixTape Festival at Hershey Stadium in Hershey, PA on August 17-18. New Kids on the Block are playing both days of the festival. The first day by themselves and the second day with Back Street Boys. I have seen New Kids on the Block four times. In fact, New Kids on the Block were my very first concert. It was 1990, I had just graduated high school, and my mom deemed me finally old enough to go to a concert. I was way up top in the back of the Baltimore Arena, but it was a great show – lots of screaming girls. I saw New Kids on the Block again in 2009 in Memphis almost 20 years later. Those same girls were now women screaming for New Kids on the Block, now referred to as NKOTB, And then I saw NKOTB a year later in Las Vegas for the first two shows of their tour, and even went to the after party. Also playing the MixTape festival are LL Cool J, The Fray, The Wanted, Kelly Clarkson, DJ Pauly D, and others. Tickets are crazy expensive (almost $200.), but I get to see NKOTB twice! Plus, since I’m skipping the Beale Street Music Festival for the first time in 10 years, I really wanted to go to a music festival – even if it is a pop music festival.

So I’m starting and ending the summer with some of my favorite performers. If I can’t see U2 this summer, I am glad I’m seeing Lisa Marie Presley and NKOTB!

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