The Manning Bowl

One of the most anticipated games of week two of the NFL season, if not the entire season, is the Denver Broncos – New York Giants game, dubbed the ‘Manning Bowl.’ For the third time in the NFL, Peyton Manning will face his younger brother Eli Manning when the Denver Broncos play the New York Giants this Sunday September 15th. The Manning brothers had two very difference experiences in week one. Peyton had a record-tying seven touchdown passes to lead his Broncos to a 49-27 win over the defending Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens. Eli, on the other hand, threw three interceptions to bring his Giants to a total of six turnovers in a 31-36 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.


What will happen when the two Super Bowl winning sibling quarterbacks face each other? Will Peyton and the Broncos pick up where they left off and continue their offensive domination? Or will Eli show his older brother why he has twice as many Super Bowl rings? Who do you think will be the better Manning on Sunday? My money is on older brother Peyton, especially with his new weapons Julius Thomas and Wes Welker.

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